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Parents of Deceased Toddler Set to Receive $46 Million From Ikea

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Parents of Deceased Toddler Set to Receive $46 Million From Ikea

February 10, 2020

Parents of Deceased Toddler Set to Receive $46 Million From Ikea

Ikea has recently settled with the family of Jozef Dudek for $46 million. Ikea is best known for being the top furniture company in the world. People shop at the store for all their furniture needs, whether they want a coffee table, bunk beds for their children, or even a dresser to use for their clothes. It was the purchase of a dresser from Ikea that eventually led to the death of Jozef Dudek when he was just two years of age. 

How Did Jozef Suffer His Injuries?

The child was in a room near the Malm dresser when it tipped over and suffocated him. His parents were left grieving and wondering how something like this could happen to a small child. The child’s parents did not believe that their little one would have the strength to pull the dresser forward to make it fall, but it turns out that the dresser itself was already unstable to begin with due to a product flaw.

The product defect made the Malm a risky purchase, but customers did not realize this. The only time customers knew of an issue with the dressers from Ikea is when Ikea decided to recall over 17 million of its dressers worldwide. The purpose of the recall was to let people know that having these unstable dressers in their homes could pose a risk for young children. 

While the company did announce the recall, the Dudek’s stated in their lawsuit that the company failed to take proper steps to inform everyone who purchased the product of that recall. No contact was made from the company to the parents of Jozef Dudek, even though they made the purchase with a credit card, which made it easier for the company to access their contact information and let them know about the recall.

Had Ikea taken the right steps to let their customers know about the recall, there is a good chance that the Dudek’s would have removed the dresser from the home, and their son would still be alive. The settlement with Ikea does not bring Jozef back nor does it take the pain away from the grieving couple, but it does make Ikea realize that they will be held accountable for their lack of care and attention to important situations, such as the recall of products that are putting the lives of children at risk.

Lawsuit Filed Against Ikea

After filing a lawsuit for the wrongful death of their child and receiving help from lawyers with proving that product faults and a lack of information on the recall were to blame for the child’s death, the company agreed to settle for $46 million. In addition to the settlement, the company acknowledges the need for better protocol when producing, selling, and recalling items. The family is satisfied with the outcome of the case and hopes that something like this does not happen to another family. They would not want any other parent to experience the pain and suffering they have endured knowing that they will never get to see their son again because of a piece of furniture that was purchased and placed inside the home.

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