Uninsured Drivers and Car Accidents in New Jersey

Uninsured Driver Accidents in New Jersey Have you made your monthly car insurance payment yet? In New Jersey, all drivers are required by law to purchase such insurance and provide proof of it when you get into a crash. There are three types of mandatory insurance you need to purchase, which should provide ample coverage… […]

New Jersey Rapper Arrested for Weed Possession

Drug Possession in New Jersey A famous New Jersey rapper and internet comedian, Tyriq Kimbrough, also known more popularly as Fatboy SSE, age 25, was arrested on Monday evening May 21st for possession of marijuana, in a small amount. Just before the arrest, he was pulled over by police officers for some minor traffic violations.… […]

Two Die in a Motorcycle Accident in Rumson, New Jersey

Deadly Motorcycle Accident in New Jersey Those who ride motorcycles have no protective shield around them in the case of an accident and are vulnerable to severe injuries, which makes the safe operation of motorcycles especially crucial. A man and woman were killed in a motorcycle accident on Saturday, May 19th when their Kawasaki Ninja… […]

What is Age Discrimination? Are There Laws that Protect You?

Age Discrimination in the Workplace According to studies conducted by AARP, over 64 percent of workers across the county have witnessed first-hand or experienced age discrimination in their workplace. This statistic starkly contradicts the laws we have in our nation that are supposed to protect aging employees. Continue reading to learn about these specific laws… […]

Theft Crimes in New Jersey

Theft Statistics The FBI reports that an estimated $5.6 billion was lost due to theft crimes across the country in 2017. Robberies resulted in an estimated $438 million in losses, while burglaries resulted in about $3.4 billion in property loss the same year. These crimes all share the common factor of taking property that doesn’t… […]