Probing an Accident with a Lawyer’s Assistance

Taking Action After an Accident Getting to the bottom of an investigation shortly after it happens is important. Your attorney is going to want to focus on getting information on the accident as quickly as possible to ensure that things are done before the statute of limitations passes. By taking immediate action in the aftermath… […]

Penalties For Driving Without Insurance In New Jersey

Driving Without Insurance There are over 250 millions cars on American roads and highways. And when there are so many vehicles on the road, it means that motor vehicle accidents are common. So common, in fact, that most states require that all drivers have minimum liability insurance coverage to make sure that those injured aren’t… […]

Medical Malpractice: What Can Make & Break Recovery?

How Medical Malpractice Occurs When a doctor or other medical professional does not perform to the standard of their occupation and a patient is injured as a result, a medical malpractice suit may follow. But medical malpractice cases are complex and technical, requiring quite a bit of evidence and expert opinions to properly prove. Here… […]

A Brief History And Overview Of Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Overview Legally, the definition of domestic violence has undergone a vast change over the years. In the 19th century, the term didn’t even exist. It wasn’t until the 20th century that federal and state law defined and banned forms of domestic abuse against a number of designated victim groups. As more research is… […]

Everything You Need to Know About Accident Injuries

Overview of New Jersey Car Accidents Car accidents can change your life in an instant.  Across the globe, an overwhelming average of 3,287 people are fatally injured in motor vehicle accidents every day. An additional 20 to 50 million suffer serious injuries or are permanently disabled in these collisions. What are the most common types… […]