Excavation and Trench Fatalities Increasing

Trenching and excavation operations are extremely dangerous, and recent statistics indicate that fatalities related to trench and excavation accidents are increasing. This serious concern has been made a priority by the U.S. Department of Labor. The group hopes to utilize OSHA to reduce the total amount of these accidents by ten percent. They seek to… […]

Experts Find Sensors Lacking in New Uber Cars

Uber has had a rough year publicity wise. The company has recently been critically reviewed by the public following a tragic and fatal collision involving a pedestrian. Investigators have been strictly reviewing the safety of the company’s self-driving technology, and they have revealed some disconcerting details about Uber’s latest autonomous cars. Uber’s Self-Driving Technology Lacks… […]

Investigation Underway in Fatal Tesla Car Crash

At the forefront of automobile technology sits Tesla as they work towards the vision of a self-driving car. Their technology continually improves and there are already models with Tesla’s automated control system, called Autopilot, that lets motorists take a backseat as their vehicle does the driving. Unfortunately, that technology is still in its infancy and… […]

Virtual Reality Can Help With Construction Site Safety

Virtual reality has recently taken the front seat as one of today’s most interesting and up and coming technologies. Consumers can purchase a virtual reality headset or one that lets anyone turn their smartphone into virtual reality. So, what is virtual reality exactly? It is a computer-generated simulation of an image or environment that users… […]

What Is Bail and How Does It Work?

“Bail” is an item of value – such as cash, property, or a bond – that an arrested person gives to a court in exchange for release from jail before trial. If the person doesn’t show up to court on his or her court date, the person not only forfeits their bail, but may be… […]