Slip and Falls in Hospital Emergency Rooms

It may surprise many to learn that slip and fall injuries constantly rank as one of the top reasons people visit the emergency room each year. In 2015, the number of people seeking treatment for slip and fall injuries reached a record 9.4 million. The latest data revealed that these falls continue to be the… […]

24 Arrested in New Jersey for Luring Minors Online

New Jersey Police have arrested 24 individuals, including a former police officer, in “Operation Open House” for attempting to lure minors for sex online. New Jersey Police Arrest 24 for Luring Minors “Operation Open House” began when New Jersey law enforcement officers posed as children on various different mobile apps and websites. Between September 5th… […]

Priest Sex Abuse Hotline in New Jersey Overwhelmed with Calls

A new priest sex abuse hotline in New Jersey has been overwhelmed with calls in the less than two weeks it has been active, according to a recent report. A special task force was launched by the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office less than two weeks ago in response to a grand jury report released… […]

Liability in Personal Injury Cases

A lot of people firmly believe that accidents “just happen.” A definition for the word itself includes words like “by chance” or “without apparent or deliberate cause.” But the truth of the matter is that accidents do not just happen. There are reasons why a car or truck accident took place. There is a reason why… […]

Fatal Train Accident: New Jersey

Recently, a devastating accident involving a pedestrian and an enormous train in New Jersey was fatal for the victim. New Jersey Train Accident Fatal for Pedestrian In the very early hours of July 15th, a Pascack Valley Line train was carrying about 13 passengers towards their destination in New York. As they traveled through Westwood,… […]