Understanding Violent Crimes and What to Do When Accused of Them

In the state of New Jersey, a violent crime is any crime that was committed with the intention of causing serious harm to another person. A crime is non-violent if it does not cause injuries to a person. For example, someone may be committing a crime by making threats against another person, but it is… […]

When Is It Best to File for Workers’ Compensation?

Worker’s compensation is available for workers who are injured while on the job. However, those who are injured will need to file for compensation within a reasonable timeframe. If they do not file within a certain time period, they lose out on the opportunity to receive compensation that could help them cover their expenses. You… […]

Is It Possible to Refuse to Take a Breathalyzer in New Jersey?

When you’re pulled over because the police suspect that you have been drinking alcohol and are driving while intoxicated, you may be advised to take a breathalyzer test. While many motorists believe that they must comply and take the test to provide the police with results, this is not true. As a motorist in the… […]

Rideshare Driver Facing Serious Criminal Charges

A rideshare driver named Julio Mejia is currently facing serious criminal charges for an alleged crime that happened at the end of the summer in 2019. According to the victim, Mejia was working for the rideshare company when the victim was picked up in Prospect Park. It was at some point during that ride that… […]