Discovery and Document Review in Business Litigation

When a company is sued or sues another person or entity, there are many considerations it must weigh in order to determine what the best litigation strategy is in light of the particular facts of the case. Perhaps the most essential tool in determining the best litigation strategy for a particular case is to utilize… […]

Factors Affecting Child Custody and Visitation Awards in NJ

When couples who have children together are contemplating splitting up, figuring out a feasible child custody arrangement should be a primary consideration. Sometimes, couples can come to a custody agreement without getting the courts involved. However, when couples cannot agree on a custody arrangement, the courts must consider certain factors that are enumerated in New… […]

Common Types of Medical Malpractice

In the field of medicine, there are always risks involved to one’s health or life if that person undergoes any type of medical treatment. Some health complications resulting from medical treatment are unpreventable. However, others are entirely preventable if the person is administered proper care. When a person suffers an entirely preventable complication during or… […]

10 Warning Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

When families make the difficult decision to move one of their elderly loved ones into a nursing home, they do so because they think that the nursing home is in a better position to adequately care for them. While this thought may generally be true, some nursing homes are hotbeds for abuse and neglect. Some… […]