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Accidents happen; that’s a fact of life. On worksites, especially in dangerous construction zones, even the smallest mishap can cause serious, life-altering injuries. If you are hurt at work, whether you had an accident while driving the company vehicle, fell off a ladder, got electrocuted due to faulty wiring or had a machine malfunction, you are entitled to file for Workers’ Compensation benefits. You notify your employer of the accident and your intention to collect benefits. At that point, you should be in the clear and able to receive medical treatment and replacement pay.

Unfortunately, it’s usually not that simple. If your employer or its insurance carrier decides to deny your claim, in the initial stages or sometime while you are collecting benefits, you will need the assistance of a seasoned Workers’ Comp lawyer to fight for your right to coverage under the Workers’ Compensation system. Contact Rudnick, Addonizio, Pappa & Casazza at our offices in Hazlet or East Brunswick New Jersey. We will fight for you.

Getting the Workers’ Comp Benefits You Deserve Sometimes Means Standing Up to the Insurance Companies in Middletown, NJ

If you are employed by a New Jersey company and are injured in a workplace accident, you are entitled by law to file a claim for Workers’ Compensation benefits. After you notify your employer, the insurance company will pay for you to see a designated physician who will provide the diagnostic tests and treatment if he or she feels it is warranted. You will receive ongoing treatment in accordance with the Workers’ Comp doc’s orders until they feel you have reached “maximum medical improvement.” At that point, you will be sent back to work, at full or light duty. If you are unable to work, you are entitled to a permanent disability award depending on your injuries.

That’s a lot of “ifs.” The fact is, your employer can deny your claim at the outset. It may feel you didn’t get hurt on the job. Or, it may dispute how bad your injuries are and whether or not you need to be out of work. Even if your claim is approved, you may want to seek a second medical opinion or take additional diagnostic tests; the insurance carrier, however, doesn’t have to automatically approve these requests. Furthermore, if the doctor clears you to return to work and you don’t believe you are ready, you will need to fight for additional medical treatment and lost wages.

All of these situations will require a knowledgeable Workers’ Compensation attorney who won’t back down to the insurance carrier’s representatives. You can count on the lawyers Rudnick, Addonizio, Pappa & Casazza to fight for your right to medical treatment, lost wages and, when the time comes, a cash settlement for your long-term disabilities.

Contact Rudnick Law About Your Denied Workers’ Compensation Claims in Marlboro, New Jersey

Insurance carriers work with particular doctors routinely when it comes to workplace injury patients. That’s because these doctors understand the importance of handling Workers’ Comp case efficiently; the faster the employee gets better, the faster they get back to work. Since the doctor gets paid based on how well he or she handles these workplace injury cases, it stands to reason they have an interest in moving patients through the process. This means Workers’ Comp docs may be quick to claim you’ve reached maximum medical improvement. They may not be willing to order tests or provide treatment you feel would benefit your recovery.

Don’t try to take on the Workers’ Comp insurance company on your own. For more than 50 years, we’ve fought for the rights of countless clients injured in workplace accidents in Middlesex and Monmouth Counties. We will fight hard for you, too. Contact Rudnick, Addonizio, Pappa & Casazza today for a free consultation about your case. You focus on recovery; allow us to fight the insurance company on your behalf.

“The attorney working on my personal injury case was knowledgable, courteous, and payed careful attention to every detail. He was sure to address any questions and concerns thoughtfully and respectfully. I have had an excellent experience interacting with the firm and I highly recommend the law firm of Rudnick, Addonizio, Pappa & Casazza to others.”

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