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Workers’ Compensation Attorney For Contractors & Factory Workers Edison, New Jersey

Building and creating are two of the principles that drive the New Jersey economy forward on a daily basis. Thousands of New Jersey residents go into the workplace each day to further those goals and contribute to economic growth in the state—and regrettably, those contractors and factory workers face some of the most significant hazards imaginable in the workplace. Some injuries are unavoidable in these environments even when legally mandated safety standards are strictly followed, which is why New Jersey requires all employers to pay into the workers’ compensation insurance system. Unfortunately, many contractors and factory workers who suffer workplace injuries in New Jersey quickly find themselves facing hurdles to obtaining fair workers’ compensation benefits.

Like many other situations where a situation is fairly common, New Jersey has developed specific rules that must be followed in order to obtain the benefits to which you are entitled—and your right to benefits may be challenged on any number of grounds. At the law offices of Rudnick, Addonizio, Pappa & Casazza, we are passionate about helping injured factory workers and contractors obtain the workers’ compensation benefits that they need to survive financially during their physical recovery period. Our experienced workers’ compensation lawyers know the rules, and can help you with your original workers’ compensation claim or appeal a benefit claim that has been denied. Call us today to schedule a free initial consultation to see how we can help.

Contractors & Factory Workers Injured Because of Workplace Hazards on a Daily Basis in Hazlet, New Jersey

Dangerous conditions are an almost unavoidable element of factories, manufacturing companies, and construction sites. Despite the detailed safety regulations developed under both federal and New Jersey state law, contractors and factory workers are injured in the workplace throughout the state on a daily basis. With any luck, you can recover quickly from your injury. In some cases, however, injuries sustained by New Jersey contractors and factory workers can be devastating, including:

  • Crush injuries, whether caused by equipment malfunctions or falling objects,
  • Becoming caught in machinery or equipment,
  • Severe burn injuries from a fire or explosion in the factory or on a construction site,
  • Slip and fall accidents, which can be exacerbated by the dangerous conditions factory workers and contractors face in the workplace,
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals or fumes,
  • Injuries caused by forklifts, cranes and other heavy machinery,
  • Repetitive stress injuries, which, especially when suffered by factory workers, can cause chronic pain that can last a lifetime.

Skilled Workers’ Comp Lawyers Committed to Helping Injured Contractors & Factory Workers With Benefit Claims in East Brunswick, NJ

At the law offices of Rudnick, Addonizio, Pappa & Casazza, our experienced workers’ compensation lawyers are familiar with the issues that many factory workers and contractors may face when applying for New Jersey workers’ compensation benefits. We fight for our clients’ right to prompt and full payment of workers’ compensation benefits after they have been injured on the job.

Workers’ compensation benefits for contractors and factory workers in New Jersey should cover:

  • Temporary disability benefits (for up to 400 weeks), based upon 70 percent of your average weekly paycheck, subject to certain caps,
  • Medical expenses, although your employer or the insurance company may have a say in where you get treatment,
  • Permanent disability benefits, if it is not expected that you will recover from your workplace injuries,
  • Death benefits, which are paid to survivors if the workplace injury resulted in death.

Our lawyers work tirelessly in our fight to help factory workers and contractors recover the workers’ compensation benefits to which they are justly entitled. If you choose us to retain our services, we will:

  • Work with you to complete an original claim for benefits in a timely and accurate manner,
  • Locate and evaluate all evidence relating to your injury,
  • Examine your medical reports,
  • Evaluate your current benefit levels to make sure you are receiving the full benefits to which you are entitled,
  • Formulate a strong case to support the fact that your injury was incurred while performing in the course of employment,
  • Schedule and appear at all hearings relating to your case if your original workers’ compensation claim was denied.

Schedule a Free Consultation to Discuss Your Workers’ Compensation Claim if You Area a Contractor or Factory Worker Hurt While on the Job in Middletown, NJ

Regardless of where you are in the workers’ compensation benefit claiming process, our lawyers have the skills necessary to protect your rights. If you are a contractor or factory worker in New Jersey, remember that your employer is legally obligated to take reasonable steps to keep you safe in the workplace. When you sustain injuries while at work, you deserve to receive compensation while you recover, and should not be responsible for your medical expenses. Our experienced workers’ compensation lawyers can help you with your claims in Monmouth County, Middlesex County or Ocean County. Contact us today in our Hazlet or East Brunswick offices.

Frequently Asked Questions About Workers’ Compensation For Contractors & Factory Workers

I am a factory worker who was injured in the workplace in New Jersey, and my employer says I’m not yet eligible for benefits—but I can’t work. Is this true?

New Jersey generally imposes a seven-day waiting period, so that you are not eligible for workers’ compensation benefits as an injured factory worker until those seven days have passed. However, you will be paid for the initial seven-day waiting period if your injury keeps you from returning to work for the full seven days.

Can I see my own doctor and still qualify for workers’ compensation benefits if I was injured working as a contractor in New Jersey?

Not unless your employer has explicitly directed you to select your own physician, and even if this is the case, we recommend that you get that permission in writing. Generally, the employer can direct where injured employees are to receive medical treatment unless it is an emergency situation. Employees who seek medical care elsewhere despite being directed to see a certain physician risk becoming ineligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

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