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Virtual Reality Can Help With Construction Site Safety

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Virtual Reality Can Help With Construction Site Safety

May 3, 2018

Virtual Reality Can Help With Construction Site Safety

Virtual reality has recently taken the front seat as one of today’s most interesting and up and coming technologies. Consumers can purchase a virtual reality headset or one that lets anyone turn their smartphone into virtual reality.

So, what is virtual reality exactly?

It is a computer-generated simulation of an image or environment that users can “interact” with. In reality they are not interacting with anything more than a 3D simulation, but it is made to make users feel like they are.

And even though most people associate virtual reality with video games, the technology has found many applications in today’s world. It is practically commonplace to find a virtual walkthrough of homes for sale, allowing potential buyers to see what the inside of the home looks like without having to make the trip in person.

And as technology continues to advance, virtual reality is setting the tone in the construction world as well.

VR To Help Avoid Personal Injuries

Recently, virtual reality has come in handy as a safety and training tool for construction sites. There exists a forklift training and certification company that has a virtual reality training program. It allows trainees to practice using the machinery while remaining in a safe and stress-free environment.

Not only does it reduce the risk of personal injury to the trainee as they learn to safely and properly operate the forklift, but the technology also minimizes the risk of damage to the equipment. This allows for plenty of trial-and-error practice and will ensure a trainee is fully prepared before moving on to operate an actual forklift in a real life scenario.

Virtual reality can also help in producing renderings of construction to be, which can lend a hand in visualizing proposed repairs. This can allow workers to see any problems that might arise that they would need to troubleshoot. It can also reveal any high-risk situations or areas about the site, allowing workers to be prepared.

With construction site injuries and deaths being some of the more common occurring work-related personal injuries, virtual reality can go a long way in reducing those numbers and help keep workers safe.

Contact an Attorney if You Have Been Injured on the Job

As of now, the truth of the matter is that virtual reality is still a new and developing technology that is not accessible to everyone. And even if it were, no technology can perfectly predict a construction site accident or injury that stems from one.

If you have suffered a personal injury in a construction site accident, you should contact the attorneys at Rudnick, Addonizio, Pappa & Casazza PC. They are more than happy to meet with you and discuss your legal situation.

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