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Most Common Causes of NJ Car Accidents in Warmer Months

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Most Common Causes of NJ Car Accidents in Warmer Months

July 3, 2023

Most Common Causes of NJ Car Accidents in Warmer Months

As the sun shines and temperatures rise, the warmer months in New Jersey bring a sense of excitement and adventure. However, with increased outdoor activities and more people hitting the roads, the risk of car accidents also surges. To ensure the safety of both drivers and pedestrians, it’s vital to understand the causes of car accidents and the ways you can help prevent them. In this article, we will explore the primary factors contributing to car accidents and personal injuries in New Jersey during the warmer seasons.

1. Distracted Driving:

Distracted driving remains a leading cause of car accidents year-round, and it becomes even more prevalent during the warmer months. Drivers may be tempted to use their smartphones to capture scenic views, check navigation apps, or stay connected to friends and family. Additionally, the sight of pedestrians and outdoor events can divert a driver’s attention from the road. Avoiding distractions and focusing on driving is paramount to reducing distracted driving accidents and personal injury risks.

2. Increased Pedestrian Activity:

Warmer weather encourages more people to be out and about, including pedestrians, cyclists, and children playing near residential areas. The higher foot traffic can lead to an increased risk of accidents, especially in busy urban areas and near parks. Drivers must exercise heightened caution, adhere to speed limits, and remain perpetually prepared for unexpected pedestrian movements that might lead to serious injuries and wrongful death.

3. Construction Zones:

The summer months often coincide with increased road construction and maintenance activities. Work zones can cause congestion, lane shifts, uneven road surfaces, and reduced visibility, all of which contribute to accidents. Drivers must remain attentive, follow construction zone signs, and slow down to prevent collisions in these areas.

4. Impaired Driving:

With more outdoor events, parties, and celebrations during the warmer months, the likelihood of impaired driving accidents rises. Alcohol consumption and drug use can impair a driver’s ability to react quickly and make sound judgments. Drivers must avoid getting behind the wheel while under the influence to help prevent drunk driving accidents.

5. Aggressive Driving:

Warmer weather can evoke heightened emotions and stress levels, leading to an increase in aggressive driving behavior. Speeding, tailgating, improper lane changes, and road rage can escalate into serious accidents. It is essential for drivers to remain patient, obey traffic laws, and avoid aggressive behaviors.

6. Summer Tires and Maintenance Neglect:

As the temperatures rise, some drivers may forget to check their vehicle’s tires, air conditioning, and other essential systems. Overheated engines or worn-out summer tires can lead to accidents, especially on long road trips. Regular vehicle maintenance is vital for preventing mechanical failures and accidents.

7. Wildlife on the Roads:

The warmer months coincide with animals venturing out of hibernation and increased wildlife activity near roadways. Collisions with deer, raccoons, and other animals can cause significant damage and pose a risk to drivers and passengers. Drivers should remain vigilant in areas prone to wildlife crossings and follow road signs warning of animal activity.

8. Inexperienced Drivers:

With school vacations and young drivers taking to the roads, the summer months see an increase in inexperienced motorists. Lack of experience can lead to poor decision-making, failure to anticipate potential hazards, and difficulty handling unexpected situations. Parents and guardians should closely supervise young drivers and ensure they have proper training before allowing them to drive independently.

9. Roadway Defects:

Warmer weather can reveal road defects that may have been hidden during the colder months. Potholes, uneven pavement, and worn-out road markings can create hazardous driving conditions. Local authorities must promptly address road maintenance issues to reduce the risk of accidents caused by poor road conditions.

10. Sun Glare:

The angle of the sun during the warmer months can create intense glare, especially during sunrise and sunset. Sun glare can temporarily blind drivers, making it challenging to see the road, pedestrians, and other vehicles. Drivers should use sun visors, polarized sunglasses, and maintain a safe following distance to reduce the impact of sun glare.

11. Tired Driving:

Long road trips and extended daylight hours can lead to driver fatigue during the warmer months. Fatigue can impair a driver’s reaction time and decision-making ability, increasing the likelihood of accidents. Drivers must take regular breaks, avoid driving during their usual sleep hours, and never try to “push through” exhaustion.

12. Overloaded Vehicles:

Summer vacations often involve carrying extra luggage, sports equipment, or trailers. Overloading vehicles can compromise their stability and braking ability, making accidents more likely, especially during sudden maneuvers. Drivers must ensure their vehicles are within their recommended weight limits and properly distributed to maintain optimal control.

13. Flooding and Heavy Rain:

Summer thunderstorms and sudden downpours can lead to flooded roads and reduced visibility. Hydroplaning is a significant risk when driving in heavy rain. Drivers should slow down, maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, and avoid flooded areas to prevent accidents due to weather-related hazards.

14. Motorcycle Accidents:

Warmer months attract more motorcyclists to the roads. Motorcycles have a smaller profile and can be difficult for other drivers to spot, increasing the risk of collisions. Drivers must be attentive and check their blind spots carefully before changing lanes or making turns to help prevent motorcycle accidents.

15. Cyclists and E-Scooter Riders:

The warmer weather encourages more people to use bicycles and electric scooters for commuting and leisure. Sharing the road with cyclists and e-scooter riders requires extra caution, as they are vulnerable to accidents caused by distracted or aggressive drivers.

Key Takeaway:

As New Jersey experiences the joy of warmer months, it is essential for all road users to be aware of the additional risks that come with the season. By recognizing and understanding these common causes of motor vehicle accidents during the warmer months, drivers can take proactive measures to stay safe on the roads. Responsible driving, adherence to traffic laws, regular vehicle maintenance, and heightened awareness of potential hazards are crucial for a safe and enjoyable summer driving experience. If you or someone you know has been involved in a car accident, it is important to seek legal advice from a reliable law firm to protect your rights and pursue your rightful compensation. 

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