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Experts Find Sensors Lacking in New Uber Cars

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Experts Find Sensors Lacking in New Uber Cars

May 17, 2018

Experts Find Sensors Lacking in New Uber Cars

Uber has had a rough year publicity wise. The company has recently been critically reviewed by the public following a tragic and fatal collision involving a pedestrian. Investigators have been strictly reviewing the safety of the company’s self-driving technology, and they have revealed some disconcerting details about Uber’s latest autonomous cars.

Uber’s Self-Driving Technology Lacks Sensors

Researchers were startled to learn that Uber decided to scale back on their safety sensors in their latest Volvo models. These safety sensors are used to detect objects in the road, so it’s unclear why the company chose to go this direction with their newer vehicles. The Volvo contains a singular sensor which creates a serious blind spot around the perimeter of the car. Former Uber employees admit that this serious safety flaw prevents the Uber car from detecting objects roughly three meters around the car. The blind spot includes objects that are low to the ground. In response to these latest discoveries and recent accident, Uber has decided to halt the testing of its autonomous fleet of vehicles. They have declined to comment on the ongoing investigation.

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