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Common Burn Injuries After a Car Accident

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Common Burn Injuries After a Car Accident

May 10, 2022

Common Burn Injuries After a Car Accident

A car accident can lead to all types of injuries, including broken bones and head and neck injuries. One of the most overlooked, yet painful and expensive, injuries that can come from a car accident is burns.

Car Accident Burn Statistics

Car fires account for 14% of all reported fires. Car accidents also account for about 8% of fire injuries. When a car is in an accident, it can move around important mechanical parts that can lead to hot metals or steam. While a large majority of people survive burn accidents, they are often left with permanent scarring and ongoing pain.

Types of Car Accident Burns

Car accident burns, similar to any other type of burn, are categorized by their level of severity, including:

  • First-degree burns: A first-degree burn is a burn that occurs only to the outer layer of the skin. It usually takes a few days for first-degree burns to heal.
  • Second-degree burns: A second-degree burn is a burn that occurs to the outer and second layers of skin. Second-degree burns often take a few weeks to heal.
  • Third-degree burns: A third-degree burn is a burn that burns the outer layers and the inner, deepest layers of skin. Third-degree burns can cause nerve damage.
  • Fourth-degree burns: A fourth-degree burn is a burn that burns all outer and inner layers of the skin, as well as the nerve tissues and muscles. This type often requires extensive treatment.

Car accidents can lead to all types of burns and severity levels. All burns can be painful, but third and fourth-degree burns often require long-term care and recovery. The person may also require cosmetic surgery and even then, they may have permanent burns.

Recoverable Costs Following a Car Accident Burn

Recovering from a car accident can be costly. Recovering from a car accident in which severe burns are a part of the injuries, can be even more expensive. The frequent medical visits and the potential for cosmetic surgery can lead to high medical bills. While the person is recovering, they may not be able to return to work. In some cases, their ability to earn a living the same way they did pre-accident may not be possible.

New Jersey allows burn victims to recover costs from the accident when it was caused by someone else’s negligence. For example, if the other driver was speeding or driving under the influence, they may be responsible for the costs of the accident. Working with a car accident lawyer can help you calculate the value of your case and get the funds you need to recover.

Pain and Suffering in a Car Accident Burn Case

It’s also important to consider things like pain and suffering in a car accident burn case. Burns of all severity levels can be painful and life-changing, leading to ongoing pain. The implications of this should also be a part of your car accident case.

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