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NJ Hospitals Doing More C-Sections

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NJ Hospitals Doing More C-Sections

July 10, 2018

NJ Hospitals Doing More C-Sections

There is no dispute that the miracle of birth is a wondrous and joyous occasion. But the actual process of delivering a baby is long and painful and it could be harmful to both the mother and baby.

As society has progressed, birthing techniques have evolved and ways to keep both the mother and baby alive during the birthing process have developed. One such technique is a Caesarean section, otherwise known as a C-Section.

A C-section is a type of surgery where the baby is removed via an incision in the mother’s abdomen and a second incision in the uterus. C-sections are used in cases of multiple births or if the mother has high blood pressure or if the baby is showing signs of distress.

Even though a C-section can help in certain situations, they are not medically recommended and should be avoided if possible. But in New Jersey, the number of C-sections performed is high and still on the rise.

Birth By C-Section Has Real-Life Implications

It might be easy to think that a C-section is just an alternative method, and can be done without worry. In reality, both mother and baby can suffer because of a C-section.

For mothers, a C-section typically means a longer healing period, a longer hospital stay and even problems during ensuing pregnancies. Babies born by C-section have a greater risk of developing things like asthma or diabetes later in life.

A recent study reveals that New Jersey is among the top five states nationwide with the highest number of C-section deliveries. The lowest C-section rate in the state was 14 percent while the highest sat at 42.1 percent.

Other factors aside from medical need might be playing a role. A high patient demand can lead to getting patients in and out at a higher rate. Waiting for a mother to give birth could impact a hospital’s patient demand since the process can be so long.

Similarly, a doctor’s own time constraints could be a contributing factor. Some C-sections are planned in advanced, making it easier to fit into a schedule. Also, a doctor’s fear of medical malpractice might also be a driving force in choosing a C-section.

Again, these “reasons why” do not cancel out the adverse effects that might stem from a C-section. You might already be dealing with complications that arose from giving birth. If you feel it comes at the hands of a negligent doctor, you will need the assistance of an experienced medical malpractice lawyers.

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