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When Is Being Sent Home Too Soon a Case of Medical Malpractice?

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When Is Being Sent Home Too Soon a Case of Medical Malpractice?

September 20, 2023

When Is Being Sent Home Too Soon a Case of Medical Malpractice?

In any healthcare setting, the ultimate goal is to ensure the patient’s well-being. However, there are circumstances when the urgency to vacate a hospital bed may supersede the patient’s need for continued medical care. It’s in such situations that the question arises: Is being sent home too soon a form of medical malpractice?

Understanding Medical Malpractice

To even approach this question, it’s crucial to have a firm grasp of what constitutes medical malpractice. Simply put, medical malpractice occurs when a healthcare provider’s actions or lack of actions fall below the accepted standard of medical care, causing harm or injury to the patient involved.

The Accepted Standard of Medical Care

The term “accepted standard of medical care” is not just jargon; it is a legally defined measure. It describes the level of care that a similarly trained and experienced medical professional would provide under the same or similar circumstances.

The Landscape of Early Discharge and Its Reasons

There can be multiple reasons behind early discharge, and not all necessarily point toward malpractice. Hospitals might release patients earlier than advisable due to:

  • Overcrowding in the hospital
  • Strains on available resources like beds and staff
  • Financial pressures to clear beds for other incoming patients

While these issues can indicate poor hospital management, they do not automatically qualify as medical malpractice.

Rights of the Patient

It’s essential to know your rights as a patient, especially when you feel you’re being discharged too soon. You have the right to consult with your healthcare provider and question the rationale behind the decision to discharge. If you’re still symptomatic or have reservations about leaving, you’re entitled to seek a second opinion or request additional diagnostic tests.

How to Determine If Your Early Discharge Was Malpractice

For an early discharge to qualify as medical malpractice, several factors must be in place. You’ll need to demonstrate that the healthcare provider acted negligently and that their action or inaction resulted in harm or a worsened condition.

The Role of Negligence and Liability

Determining negligence involves showing that the healthcare provider failed to meet the accepted standard of medical care. This could mean:

1. Failing to properly diagnose or treat your condition

2. Not conducting the necessary tests before releasing you

3. Disregarding any symptoms you may have presented, among other negligent actions

In such cases, the liability may rest on a single healthcare provider, a team, or even the institution as a whole. Identifying the parties responsible for the negligence is a critical step in building a strong case.

Insurance Considerations

Insurance policies often have stipulations about the length of hospital stays and conditions that must be met for extended coverage. It’s essential to understand your policy’s provisions, as they might influence the hospital’s decision to discharge you early. In some cases, insurance considerations could even be an underlying factor in premature discharges, though they should never override the accepted standard of medical care.

The Role of a Medical Malpractice Attorney

Should you find yourself victimized by what you believe is an early discharge amounting to medical malpractice, seeking out an experienced legal advocate is crucial. At Rudnick, Addonizio, Pappa & Casazza PC, our team brings years of understanding and commitment to each case we take on.

Key Takeaway:

If you feel you’re being sent home too soon, it’s crucial to assert your rights and question your healthcare provider’s decision. While we value and respect the medical profession, those who fall short in providing proper care should be held accountable. Insurance can often be a complicating factor in these situations, so understanding your policy is vital. And if you suspect that negligence played a role in your early discharge, it’s imperative to consult with a qualified attorney to explore your options.

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