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Getting Pulled Over by NJ Police

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Getting Pulled Over by NJ Police

August 14, 2018

Getting Pulled Over by NJ Police

Society demands a reasonable amount of accountability from its police officers, but it’s equally important to recognize the extreme danger and fear cops face daily during traffic stops. It’s important that citizens respond to cops in a respectable manner and understand that their actions have a profound effect on the outcome of your interaction.

How to Respond to Traffic Stops in NJ

When you notice an emergency vehicle with it’s sirens on, you should pull over to the right of the roadway as soon as possible. Sometimes the officer may pass by you, but in other cases, you may be the car they are attempting to pull over. If pulled over by police, then remain calm, turn off your engine and remain seated with your hands visible. Do not reach around your vehicle or make any sudden movements. If you are accused of a traffic violation, then don’t admit guilt. Accepting the ticket is not an admission of guilt. Try to be as respectful as possible.

One innovative couple in Virginia recently created a product called the ‘Not Reaching’ Pouch. Jackie and Wayne Carter decided to creatively approach the serious issue of fatal traffic stops by designing a unique pouch for essential documents including the vehicle’s registration, a driver’s license and an insurance card. The pouch should be attached to the vent near the driver’s side window. This pouch was designed to help eliminate the need for drivers to reach around their vehicle for these documents. Evidence consistently shows that reaching situations can quickly turn fatal, but this amazing product deescalates the situation.

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If you feel that your rights may have been violated during your interaction with the police, then don’t hesitate to reach out to an experienced attorney. The attorneys at Rudnick, Addonizio, Pappa & Casazza will help advise you on your legal options, negotiate a favorable outcome and represent your case. Our firm can be reached by using our online contact form.

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