An Overview of Social Security Disability Denial Appeals

If you applied for Social Security disability (SSD) benefits only to be denied, there is hope. Almost half of all disability denials are reversed on appeal, according to the Social Security Administration. Here are several helpful facts to understand the disability appeals process: 1. It’s important to appeal promptly. The SSA gives you 60 days… […]

Accident Victim Suffering Permanent Back Pain Awarded $525,000

One 68-year-old gentleman’s life was changed forever when he was rear-ended at a stop light and pushed over twenty feet into an intersection. The gentleman’s vehicle was damaged, and he was severely injured in his neck and back. The victim described a neck injury that produced both numbness and shooting pains down his arms. According… […]

‘We got attacked’ – Twin Sisters Detail How Suspended Cop Grabbed Them

Sadly, two twin high school seniors have both recently been charged with serious crimes that carry potentially heavy consequences after an incident near their high school. The Orange Police Department and Essex County Prosecutor’s Office have launched an internal investigation when video evidence of the incident surfaced online. The two twins were arrested for aggravated… […]

Prosecutor to Probe Carteret Cop’s Use-of-Force History in Assault Case

Sweeping efforts are being made across the country to correct potential civil rights abuses by police officers, and New Jersey is following suit. Recently, the NJ Advance Media published an extensive independent investigation into one officer’s continuous use of unwarranted force during his 23 months as a police officer. While the viral story claims experts… […]