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What Happens When Anesthesia Mistakes Are Made?

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What Happens When Anesthesia Mistakes Are Made?

October 10, 2019

What Happens When Anesthesia Mistakes Are Made?

Overview of Anesthesia Errors in New Jersey Hospitals

When a patient undergoes a surgical procedure, that patient will often need some sort of anesthesia. The purpose of anesthesia is to increase the patient’s comfort, prevent them from experiencing any pain, and allow the surgeons to get their work done. Unfortunately, anesthesia errors can occur. When these errors happen, victims and their loved ones might want to file a complaint against the hospital where the surgery took place.

Pain During a Procedure

An anesthesiologist has a huge responsibility to ensure that a patient feels completely comfortable while undergoing a procedure. If the anesthesiologist makes an error, the patient could continue to experience an undeniable amount of pain during the procedure. However, the patient may be unable to speak or say anything about the pain because of the anesthesia. When a patient appears to be waking up from the deep sleep that he or she is in, it is necessary for the anesthesiologist to take immediate action and check the anesthesia levels. If a patient experiences pain because the anesthesiologist is not paying attention and does not provide the correct amount of anesthesia, the patient could file a lawsuit.

The Types of Errors That Can Happen

Not providing enough anesthesia to a patient is one of the most common errors, but it is not the only error that can occur. There have been times where professionals have provided too much anesthesia to a patient, causing the patient to suffer from serious medical issues as a result. A patient that has experienced these types of errors can file a lawsuit while claiming that the anesthesiologist was negligent. Another error that can occur involves the use of the wrong type of anesthesia medication. Certain medications are commonly used during surgical procedures but using the wrong drug could lead to different complications that can cause pain and suffering from the patient. If a patient is allergic to a specific drug and it is used during the surgical procedure, the patient could have a severe reaction to that drug.

Damages Caused During a Procedure

The mistakes that are made during a surgical procedure can have a lasting impact on the patient. Some patients will have some damage to their vital organs. If long-term damage does occur, the patient is likely going to incur more medical expenses because of the additional treatment that he or she is going to need in the future. In some cases, the cause of problems with anesthesia is faulty equipment that was provided by a medical supply manufacturer. The faulty equipment could lead to serious medical problems and even death.

Getting Legal Help

When different types of anesthesia errors are made and the patient suffers from those errors, the patient should consider filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. The lawsuit may be filed against the anesthesiologist, the hospital, or even the manufacturer of certain equipment that was used throughout the procedure. It would be in the best interest of the patient to talk to an experienced lawyer and provide more information on the situation and then find out the best steps to take moving forward.

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