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Defining Medical Malpractice Claims in New Jersey

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Defining Medical Malpractice Claims in New Jersey

August 21, 2018

Defining Medical Malpractice Claims in New Jersey

When filing a medical malpractice claim against your doctor, you will be required to bear the burden of proving negligence directly caused your injury. If you are able to prove negligence, then it’s likely you will receive full financial compensation for your injuries and losses.

Medical Malpractice Claims in New Jersey

Medical malpractice describes a situation in which a health care provider’s treatment is below the standard of care, and this lowered standard of care results in injury to the patient. It is crucial that the injured patient proves that the doctor’s actions deviated from the treatment a similar doctor with similar experience would have provided.

In order to prove your doctor deviated from the standard of care, you will need to establish a standard of care. Nearly all successful claims utilize the testimony of expert witnesses. These witnesses may be doctors or specialists, but they need to be established in the same field as the doctor who injured you.

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Proving a standard of care is time-consuming but necessary. Courts require this burden of proof to prevent patients from suing doctors for unavoidable injuries. Some medical conditions such as cancer are extremely difficult to treat. In addition, the injuries acquired through chemotherapy can be extensive. This burden of proof prevents doctors from being financially penalized for attempting to treat a difficult disease. Our attorneys can help you determine your legal options, prepare a strong case and fight for your compensation. Visit our contact page, provide your contact information and briefly describe your legal issue to hear back from one of our trusted attorneys. We look forward to working on your case as soon as possible.

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