How to Tell Your Spouse You Want a Divorce

How to tell your spouse you want a divorceDeciding on divorcing from a long-term partner is an extremely personal decision. The decision is usually challenging to accept for partners, children and other family members, so breaking the news to them can be stressful. Following are some basic tips to help you tell your partner that you want a divorce.

How to Tell Your Partner you Want a Divorce

Every couple’s relationship is unique, so the way that you announce your divorce will be different depending on your circumstances. It’s advised that you tell your partner calmly and not in the heat of an argument. You will both need to have time to devote to conversations with each other about the future. You don’t need to immediately go into details about custody arrangements, finances or splitting property right away because such a decision is overwhelming initially for anyone. It’s better to try to remain as honest as possible about your feelings while also being assertive about the finality of your decision.

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