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Helpful Safety Tips to Avoid Common Accidents in the Workplace

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Helpful Safety Tips to Avoid Common Accidents in the Workplace

June 21, 2018

Red Bank New Jersey Personal Injury at Work Attorneys

Most employees go to their jobs with one main goal in mind: to make money in order to provide for themselves and their families. There are many aspects of working that we may not even consider in our day to day routine, especially those details that we believe are being handled by our bosses and the people in charge. When it comes to your own safety, however, that is something that might not occur to you often enough. Sadly, many people do not realize it is also their responsibility to be aware of their surroundings or they may suffer an unfortunate accident that could have otherwise been easily avoided.


Workplace Injuries a Major Cause for Losses in All Areas

Injuries in the workplace have been linked to losses of over $300 million in medical expenses, worker compensation, and lost production. So many people are concerned with the bottom line that they lose track of the variables that must be paid attention to that will not only make the company more money but most importantly keep all of their workers safe. By creating a safe workplace and by providing a strong culture of safety, an organization can reduce the risks of injuries that could possibly happen as well as keep an environment that their employees will appreciate and enjoy working in.

Tips to Create a Safe Work Environment

Here are a few tips that can be followed to help create a safe and healthy workplace:

  • It begins with management. No one will take safety seriously if they see the managers or the people in charge being lax about the idea. When managers and top-level employees show their commitment to keeping a workplace safe and taking steps to make sure it remains that way, the employees underneath them will follow their example and make sure to continue those practices.
  • Have safety meetings with your workers before their shift. Whether it be quickly reinforcing the safety measures that are already in place or by giving them a reminder about new obstacles or hazards that may now be in place, a quick meeting with your employees before their shift can do a lot to prevent any serious accidents happening every single day. By keeping a consistent and open line of communication open with your workers, the chances of avoiding injuries can only be increased in just a very short time.
  • Employ safety surveys. It is one thing for management to know what they expect from their workers as far as safety goes. It is another to find out from their workers what they know and what they think the expectations for them are. Through a simple safety survey, you can find out how many of your employees are aware of your guidelines as well as who knows what their exact responsibilities are. In addition, you can get feedback on ways that things could be improved that you may have not even considered.
  • Have one-on-one discussions. There are some issues that people may not want to bring up in a group setting but would be more comfortable discussing in a one-on-one meeting. By speaking with your employees face to face you can get more intimate details about what your individual workers are feeling as well as valuable info that you may not have received from the group as a whole.
  • Have consistent ongoing safety training. Creating a safe workplace and setting proper safety procedures is one thing, constantly going over them and updating them when need be is another great way to stay on top of things and find out about issues as they come up rather than after the fact when it’s too late.

If you follow these 5 steps you will find that fewer injuries will occur, bigger losses will be avoided and the happier and healthy safe environment you were striving for will become your reality.

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