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Becoming Accident Prone a Side Effect of Hearing Loss

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Becoming Accident Prone a Side Effect of Hearing Loss

June 19, 2018

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The loss of one’s hearing can be a life-changing experience, whether it is not knowing what people are saying or never being able to hear your favorite music again. There are other less obvious side effects that come with hearing loss as well, however, and a new study shows that people who have lost or have poor hearing, in general, are highly more likely to be at risk for accidents than those who do not problems with their hearing.

CDC Hearing Study

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC have found that out of over 230 million adults surveyed almost 16 percent had reported hearing problems of some sort. Out of this percentage, almost 3 percent of those people stated that they were injured in some kind of an accident within only three months of the date that the survey was taken. These studies were not done on people who had already been living with hearing loss for most of their lives; rather it was a study of people who claimed to have hearing difficulties of some sort. The study reached the percentage by looking at three main types of injuries suffered:

  • Injuries related to driving in a vehicle
  • Injuries related to leisure or sports and athletic activities
  • Injuries that occurred at work

Study Finds Hearing Loss Increased Risk of Injuries in These Areas

After going over the results of the study they were able to conclude that the risk of injury was increased in these areas due to hearing loss, with driving a vehicle being the one that it impacted the least. In comparison to those people who took the study that claimed their hearing was above average or excellent, the people in the study who had slightly more trouble with their hearing were found to be 60 percent more likely to be injured in one of these activities. Those with above-average trouble with their hearing ability were 70 percent more likely to become injured, and those who were considered to have a very high difficulty with their hearing were an astonishing 90 percent more likely to be involved in an accident. More information still needs to be gathered on the subject but for now, it is clear to see that problems with one’s hearing clearly leads people to be more at risk for accidents.

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