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Our firm has persisted for more than 40 years by providing clients powerful and attentive legal representation for a wide range of issues.

What Can You Do After You Get a Traffic Ticket?

Most drivers have received at least one traffic citation in their years behind the wheel. No matter how you choose to deal with the ticket, you’ll likely invest some time and money into the process. And in some situations, a ticket can have stiffer consequences, like increased insurance rates or even limits on your ability… […]

Woman Endured Years of Sexual Assault and Harassment in the Workplace

The workplace is supposed to be an environment in which you feel comfortable and safe throughout your work day. As an employee of whatever establishment, you should never feel like your rights are violated and you should have the freedom to take action if they are. That, unfortunately, was not the case for one New… […]

NJ Medical Malpractice Attorneys Helping Clients in Middlesex, Monmouth, & Ocean County

A Breach Of Trust

When doctors fail to follow standard medical procedures, patients are put at great risk. Victims of surgical errors or patients who were misdiagnosed need the help of an experienced medical malpractice attorney. This is a highly complicated legal area often hinging on technical, medical details.

For more than 40 years, the medical malpractice lawyers at our firm have handled complicated claims involving surgeons, radiologists, nurses and family doctors. We have a firm understanding of the medical standards expected in the industry. Our law firm will aggressively seek justice against the hospital or medical clinic if standard care was not performed. Contact our New Jersey practice today to schedule a free initial consultation and discover how we can help you at one of our convenient office locations in Hazlet or East Brunswick.

Seeking Justice For All Types Of Medical Malpractice

At Rudnick, Addonizio, Pappa & Casazza PC, we devote substantial resources consulting medical experts to evaluate the level of care you or your loved one received. We work with them to prove fault in a wide range of hospital error and medical malpractice claims, involving:

  • Surgical errors: Our firm’s medical malpractice lawyers pursue maximum compensation, if surgical mistakes led to a foreign object left in the patient or surgery on the wrong body part. We can also handle claims involving poorly trained physicians known to perform an improper surgical technique or recommend the wrong medication after a surgery.
  • Anesthesia errors: Commonly, anesthesiologists oversee four or five operating rooms at the same time. Nurse anesthesiologists are often put in charge in each operating room. We will hold hospitals accountable for overworking medical professionals or failing to properly train the nurses in administering the anesthesia.
  • Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis: We hold doctors and medical professionals accountable for failing to refer clients to specialists after identifying key warning signs of cancer, a stroke, heart attack and meningitis.
  • Birth injury complications: Our law firm can handle complex medical malpractice claims after OB-GYN professionals failed in taking the right measures to ensure a safe delivery. We are prepared to prove fault in claims involving shoulder dystocia and cerebral palsy.

Our medical malpractice law firm seeks to incorporate as many facts as possible to prove fault. Our detailed approach often prompts insurance companies to make fair settlement offers, knowing we are prepared to secure a favorable trial verdict.

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