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How do I choose a safe vehicle for the new driver in my family?

That time has finally come. Your youngest, possibly your only, child has reached the age where they are legally allowed to operate a motor vehicle. It definitely has been scary teaching him or her to drive but to see them obtain their New Jersey driver’s license is a mixed feeling of pride, joy, and anxiety.… […]

How do I get something expunged off my record?

It is hard enough to secure a job or land a lease or even secure a financial aid package without a criminal record looming over your head, let alone trying to with a criminal record in your back pocket. It might have been a crime from years ago and one you have been doing your… […]

What Are Types of Employment Discrimination?

I think my workplace is discriminating against me: What are types of employment discrimination? It is an impressive feat to land a job in a field you love and hope to make a career of, and it is something not everyone is able to do. It is also exciting to know you are capable of… […]

Motorcycle Crash Seriously Injures Manchester Couple

A Manchester motorcycle crash has caused two people to be seriously injured. They were thrown from the motorcycle when it crashed into a car and sent their motorcycle under another. Here, it became wedged under the vehicle following the impact. According to the Manchester police, the couple was driving west on Route 571 when their… […]

Long Branch Man Arrested In Robbery, Fatal Shooting

A 29-year-old Long Branch man has been arrested and charged in connection with a fatal shooting and robbery. The man faces a litany of charges including murder, felony murder, robbery, possession of a firearm for unlawful purposes, and unlawful possession of a firearm resulting in death, according to reports. The judge in the case ordered… […]

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