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Our firm has persisted for more than 40 years by providing clients powerful and attentive legal representation for a wide range of issues.

Middlesex County Dram Shop Case Ends in $2.05 Million Settlement

  The parties in a dram shop liability case have reached an agreement including a settlement of $2.05 million, to be shared between the two motorists who were injured when they were rear-ended by a drunk driver, according to the New Jersey Law Journal. When a person is injured by a drunk driver in New… […]

Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office Offers Free Child Safety Seat Inspections

Child safety seats are one of the strongest lines of defense between your child and injury during a car accident. In order to provide maximum protection in a crash, however, your child seat needs to be the right size for your child, and it needs to be installed correctly. With the wide range of child… […]

Deadly Ohio Accident Leads to Shutdown of Ride at New Jersey Fair

The Monmouth County Fair was a popular attraction this summer in New Jersey, as it has been for years. However, one ride was shut down after a sudden accident with the same ride at the Ohio State Fair killed one rider and severely injured seven others. The ride, known as the “Wild Claw,” was taken… […]

Texting and Driving Laws in New Jersey

In New Jersey, there are texting and driving laws that you should be aware of if you’re planning on driving in the state. You’re not allowed to use any handheld device while driving in your car at any time. This means that you’re unable to check your messages or text when stopped at a traffic… […]

Can Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Prevent Car Accidents?

Some cars that are being built today are including safety systems that either alert the driver to a problem at hand, or can actually handle the problem, such as lightly braking when an obstacle is detected ahead. This vehicle-to-vehicle communication is seen as the next step into this world of safety. Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Offers Protection… […]

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