NJ Hospitals Doing More C-Sections

There is no dispute that the miracle of birth is a wondrous and joyous occasion. But the actual process of delivering a baby is long and painful and it could be harmful to both the mother and baby. As society has progressed, birthing techniques have evolved and ways to keep both the mother and baby… […]

Doctors’ Mistakes: Why They Don’t Admit Them

It is not an easy accomplishment to become a doctor. Years of schooling, late nights, and tons of hard work are put into earning the title. Once achieved, the title is something a doctor would never want to lose. It is part of who they are and tells you what they have dedicated their life… […]

The Dangers of Unsafe Driving Highlighted in Mock Car Accidents

Everyone thinks they know the dangers that car accidents can pose due to personal accounts, pictures, and even detailed videos. However, sometimes an even more graphic reminder is necessary to truly get the point across on just how terrible the results of these automobile accidents can be. This is why some schools and organizations set up… […]

New Jersey Mother Changes Her Mind About Adoption

There are some instances where a mother who has decided to put her child up for adoption, changes her mind at the last possible moment and a decision needs to be made. It is, unfortunately, a situation where many times there is no clear winner. This was sadly the case in New Jersey when one… […]

Helpful Safety Tips to Avoid Common Accidents in the Workplace

Most employees go to their jobs with one main goal in mind: to make money in order to provide for themselves and their families. There are many aspects of working that we may not even consider in our day to day routine, especially those details that we believe are being handled by our bosses and… […]