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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed When Woman Dies From Cancer

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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed When Woman Dies From Cancer

August 15, 2017

A husband has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against his deceased wife’s gynecologist after she passed away from cervical cancer the previous year. The suit claims that the doctor failed to diagnose her cancer in a timely fashion. The husband is seeking both punitive and compensatory damages. It’s alleged that if the cancer had been diagnosed sooner after she started seeking treatment for her symptoms, that she may have received life-saving treatment and prevented her death.

The wife had started seeing the doctor after dealing with an irritable cervix, discharge, uterine prolapse, and a general feeling that she was having something pushed out of her body. She was a patient of this doctor for about seven months. During this time, they continued to do testing and provide other care, but did not discover that she had cancer. The suit alleges that they did not keep up with the accepted standards of care.

People trust their doctors. They went to school for a long period of time so that they could become healers and help others. It can be hard for some people to go for a second opinion because they believe that is told to them by their doctor. This can lead to problems as seen by this woman whose doctor missed her cancer diagnosis. The lawsuit won’t bring his wife back to him, but it will help him to see justice for what happened to his wife in this situation. It can also be a good teaching moment for people to know about this doctor when it comes to malpractice lawsuits.

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