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Woman Charged With Assault For Squirting Boyfriend With Water

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Woman Charged With Assault For Squirting Boyfriend With Water

October 23, 2013

Domestic violence is not a laughing matter and for those men and women who are truly in violent relationships, it is important to hear their stories, but that does not mean that every single fight between partners is domestic violence. To hear why one woman was arrested and charged with domestic violence and simple battery would be laughable if she wasn’t facing such serious charges. Whether prosecutors will find enough evidence to convict her of assault remains to be seen, but why she was arrested in the first place is unknown.

Though this arrest did not happen in New Jersey, the story illustrates an important point: many things could be considered domestic violence, especially when witnesses only hear but do not see what is going on.

In this case, a 19-year-old woman was upset with her boyfriend, so she started to squirt water at him with a water pistol. She also, apparently, dumped water on his head. For this, she was arrested.

There were three witnesses who acknowledged they did not see what happened. They did hear some scuffling, but it was the boyfriend saying “get off of me” that led both the witnesses and the police to believe that the woman was assaulting her boyfriend.

It is unclear who called police.

According to the young woman who was arrested, the boyfriend had hit her with a pillow and he shoved her as much as she shoved him. He, however, has not been arrested for domestic violence.

The boyfriend reported that he was not injured after being sprayed with water.

Source: International Business Times, “Giovanna Borge, Florida Woman, Arrested For Allegedly Squirting Boyfriend With Water Gun,” Howard Koplowitz, Oct. 18, 2013

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