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When a Bad Decision Stands Between You and a Bright Future, Consider Expungement

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When a Bad Decision Stands Between You and a Bright Future, Consider Expungement

September 22, 2015

So you made a mistake? You aren’t the first and you surely won’t be the last. As they say, humans learn from mistakes all the time. Unfortunately, however, some mistakes can follow you for a lifetime — impacting your ability to get into a good school, land a good job, rent an apartment, get approved for a loan, buy a car and more.

A criminal conviction will stay on your permanent record. In this age of technology, all it takes is a few clicks of a mouse to get the lowdown on your history — warts and all. Prospective employers do their due diligence and if they comes across a felony conviction they are likely to move onto the next resume in the pile.

There is a possible solution for you to claim your good name back; expungement is a process by which you can remove the records associated with a particular conviction from your record. Of course, not all convictions can be expunged; most federal convictions are not expungeable. However, if the court does grant your expungement, the crime you were charged or convicted of, for all intents and purposes, will not be able to be seen in any background check. At that point, also, if you are asked if you have a criminal record, you can say “no.”

How to Get an Expungement in New Jersey: You must apply for an expungement in the county where the prosecution of the crime took place. Even if you live in New Brunswick, for example, but the crime took place in Atlantic City, you would apply for your expungement in Atlantic County, NJ. rules in New Jersey. The application must include all the various charges you were convicted of, even if some of them occurred when you were a juvenile.

Important Things to Know about Expungement in NJ

  1. Not all charges can be expunged. For example, murder, kidnapping, rape, armed robbery are crimes that are generally not expungeable. However, you can speak with a criminal lawyer to ask your specific questions.
  2. There are timeframes for getting an expungement approved. If the crime is considered more serious, the waiting time to apply for expungement will be longer.
  3. Your behavior since getting convicted does matter. If you have lived a clean life and haven’t gotten into trouble with the law since the conviction in question, the judge may be more apt to grant the expungement.

The laws are different in every state when it comes to expungement guidelines. Speak to a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer to find out the laws in your state. Rudnick, Addonizio, Pappa & Casazza PC are experienced attorneys who will explain the expungement process to you and work tirelessly to get your record expunged. Contact us today.

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