What If I Drove High, but Not Drunk?

The short answer is: you probably won’t be driving at all for a while. DWI stands for “driving while intoxicated.” If you take illegal drugs and are stopped for DUI/DWI, you can be charged with driving under the influence, even if you take a breath test and have no alcohol in your system whatsoever.

The truth is, in New Jersey, if you are suspected of driving under the influence, the police officer may request you submit to a Breathalyzer test (the Alcotest). You would pass if you weren’t drunk, but the copy will likely continue his or her search for evidence. Police officers are trained to recognize drivers who are under the influence. Therefore you may request a urine or blood sample. You could refuse but the police can get a warrant to order the blood test.

If you are found with drugs in your system, you can be charged with DWI. Driving high or under the influence of any drug (even a legal drug you were taking with a valid prescription) is treated by the courts as driving with a blood alcohol level of .10 percent.

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