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Can Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Prevent Car Accidents?

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Can Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Prevent Car Accidents?

August 29, 2017

Some cars that are being built today are including safety systems that either alert the driver to a problem at hand, or can actually handle the problem, such as lightly braking when an obstacle is detected ahead. This vehicle-to-vehicle communication is seen as the next step into this world of safety.

Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Offers Protection

Your car would be able to notify you when a light is about to turn red, get information about other cars sharing the road with you, and communicate with school and work zones. It’s believed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that this type of system could help to reduce the amount of crashes that involve people who aren’t driving under the influence. In fact, they think that it could minimize or avoid up to 80 percent of crashes that happen today with unimpaired drivers.

Potential Negatives

There are some that believe that these types of systems may be opening people up to other dangers. For instance, hacking is a worry today, and some worry that these types of systems could be hacked. Privacy advocates worry that this may open up another area where personal information can be readily available to others with technology that can get the information from the car. Another potential problem with these systems is that they may cause some drivers to rely too heavily on the safety systems and allow their own driving skills to decline.

The proponents of this technology are working towards reassuring people that their privacy and security are safe when using this type of system, but accepting change can be hard for some people.


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