‘We got attacked’ – Twin Sisters Detail How Suspended Cop Grabbed Them


Sadly, two twin high school seniors have both recently been charged with serious crimes that carry potentially heavy consequences after an incident near their high school. The Orange Police Department and Essex County Prosecutor’s Office have launched an internal investigation when video evidence of the incident surfaced online. The two twins were arrested for aggravated assault and obstruction of justice among other charges, but the video recording and eye-witness testimony reveals that the residing police officer may have been using unwarranted force on the juveniles.

The twins were reportedly outside of a pizza shop gathering with some friends after school when they were somehow mistaken as suspects by a police officer. According to the juveniles, the officer was pulling one twin by her hair and pushing them into the ground. One school official attempted to intervene on the girl’s behalf when the officer reportedly punched him and tried to mace him. The school official was given a ticket while the juveniles were slapped with heavy charges. The incident and subsequent video footage have sparked outrage across the community. People have shown their support by organizing peaceful protests in opposition to the charges and the officer’s actions. Over 1,000 students marched the police headquarters on October 13 to show their support for the twins.

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