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Truck Accidents May Be More Infrequent than Auto Crashes, but They are Far More Dangerous

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Truck Accidents May Be More Infrequent than Auto Crashes, but They are Far More Dangerous

August 17, 2015

With all the news reports about major accidents on the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway that involve big rigs, you would think truck accidents were rather commonplace in the Garden State. Actually, however, of all crashes on New Jersey roadways, trucking accidents represent a small number of incidents. We hear about them more because injuries – and deaths – sustained in trucking accidents are common and severe.

Trucks, by nature, are larger, heavier and more dangerous. A truck driver cannot always see the entire roadway due to multiple blind spots. The weight of the truck can make it difficult to maneuver around road hazards or reckless drivers. Trucks that haul hazardous materials and heavy loads present even further danger.

The truth is, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, when an accident involves a truck there are usually multiple vehicles involved in the incident and more fatalities.

Many truck-related accidents are the fault of the truck or the truck driver. Knowing that, however, isn’t much help when you realize the people who get injured and killed in truck accidents, more often than not, are the drivers of cars and motorcycles. Driver fatigue, driver distraction, and mechanical failures with the tractor-trailer are often cited as the reasons for truck accidents.
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