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Top 5 Most Hazardous Occupations

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Top 5 Most Hazardous Occupations

January 18, 2017


Work-related injuries are a fact of life for many employees in a variety of industries. Despite the dangers posed by certain types of work, people still need to earn a living. Moreover, many workers provide valuable, necessary services to the community and generally make the world a better place for others. That’s why people will continue to work in dangerous occupations – and will continue to be exposed to serious health risks.

On-the-Job Accidents Can Cause Serious Injury or Death

While a job-related injury can occur in any type of occupation, certain types of work pose greater risk of injury or death. For instance, jobs that require employees to drive on roadways have an extremely high fatality rate and accounted for more than 25 percent of fatal occupational injuries in 2015. That’s because driving is dangerous for anyone – and an employee who needs to travel on the road for work is more likely to suffer a transportation accident and subsequent injury or even death.

Slip & fall accidents may not seem like a big deal, but they actually account for a high percentage of all fatal occupational injuries. For employees who work at great heights, such as construction workers, slip & falls and trip & falls pose serious health risks. Moreover, a fall from any distance can cause significant injuries to a person’s back, neck, shoulders, or arms. That’s why all workers should exercise caution and be careful while on the job, especially during the winter when snow can freeze over and pavement can become slippery.

Dangerous Jobs in New Jersey

Given the type of work-related tasks that certain employees perform, some occupations are more dangerous than other occupations. Here are a few of the most hazardous occupations in New Jersey and elsewhere in the U.S.:

1.     Construction Work: Employees in the private construction industry suffered 937 fatal work injuries in 2015. Working on a construction crew is always one of the most dangerous jobs because it involves performing difficult tasks at great heights, using cranes, dealing with heavy machinery, and working with electricity.

2.     Roofing: Roofing contractors can fall at any moment and suffer catastrophic injuries, including broken bones, spinal cord injuries, back injuries, and puncture wounds.

3.     Truck Driving: According BLS data, heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers suffered 745 fatal injuries last year. This was the highest number of fatalities for any specific occupation.

4.     Police Officer: Cops do important work to keep us safe. They also expose themselves to serious injury and even death because they have to deal with dangerous individuals who pose the threat of violence.

5.     Agricultural Work: Workers in the farming, fishing, and forestry occupations recorded 284 fatalities in 2015. This was the highest number of agricultural worker deaths since 2008.


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