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Three-Car Crash Takes the Life of New Jersey Police Officer

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Three-Car Crash Takes the Life of New Jersey Police Officer

August 17, 2017

A New Jersey police officer on his way to work was involved in a three-car crash in the early morning hours that resulted in several fatalities.

A car from the westbound lanes crossed the median into traffic on the eastbound side of the road. This action caused the car to hit two additional cars. One of these cars was driven by the police officer. The other two drivers were both taken to the nearest hospital for injuries that they sustained in the crash. One of these drivers died from their injuries at the hospital. The condition of the final driver had not been reported. The serious nature of this crash created a major delay as investigators went over the wreckage. The eastbound lanes were shut down for most of the morning rush hour.

The police officer who had passed away in the crash was a prized member of the community and was expecting a child with his wife at the time of the incident. Many in the community showed up to show their support during the funeral procession. There was glowing praise from all that knew him.

Loss of life in a car accident is always a tragedy, as many accidents happen from factors that could’ve been controlled. The cause of the driver veering from the side of the highway has not yet been released.

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