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The True Cost of a Car Accident

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The True Cost of a Car Accident

April 17, 2017


There are several ways in which to analyze the result of a motor vehicle crash. One is the human cost. Due to the severity of the victims’ injuries, the lives of victims and their families are forever changed for the worse. Very often, the victims can no longer earn a living from their livelihood, and their lifestyles are significantly altered. A car accident can also have a tragic ending, resulting in death.

Frequently, there are also ongoing legal and medical issues that continue for weeks, months or years. Because it is often unclear who was at fault in causing the accident, an investigation is necessary to determine the party who is liable for the crash, or the percentage of fault that can be attributed to each party.

There can be numerous medical issues to address. If the victims suffer severe injuries, they can incur costly medical bills, even for just days of treatment. Surgeries and rehabilitation can further increase medical expenses, even causing a family to file for bankruptcy. Victims and their families may realize a decline in income due to an inability of the victims to return to work. Depending on the type of work in which the victims were engaged, they may be compelled to obtain further education to prepare them for a different line of work.

Furthermore, an injury that causes disability or prevents the victims from walking or engaging in life as they had previously can place an undue amount of strain on them and their loved ones. If the vehicle was damaged beyond repair in the crash, replacement of the vehicle may prove to be cost-prohibitive. Moreover, it can be difficult to transport victims and their family members to their appointments with doctors, lawyers, or wherever they have to be at any given time.


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