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The Difference Between Hash and Marijuana May Be Criminal

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The Difference Between Hash and Marijuana May Be Criminal

July 15, 2013

Since 2010, New Jersey has allowed those patients with chronic illness to use medical marijuana to ease their pain. This has been an important aspect of pain management for many people in New Brunswick, but exactly how clear are the rules surrounding medical marijuana? Even the smallest misconception or misunderstanding about the law could mean serious criminal trouble for someone who innocently thought he or she was following the rules. Imagine someone with a serious medical condition being arrested and charged with drug possession because he or she didn’t understand the law as well as he or she thought.

One point of confusion for many people in New Jersey and across the country is what is the status of hashsish and hash oil. As some states move to deciminalize marijuana, it is increasingly important that it is explained in detail what is allowed and what is not, otherwise there could be serious concerns about individuals being arrested for innocent mistakes.

Since the local, state and federal governments are quick to jump on individuals charged with marijuana possession, it is important that anyone who is charged works closely with a criminal defense attorney. The attorney can not only help clear your name, but he or she can also explain the law so as not to make the same mistake twice.

There has been some pushback against hash oil due to its concentrated nature. It contains much higher percentages of THC, the ingredient that produces the high in marijuana, than in marijuana alone. Hash oil has also become incredibly popular in the medical marijuana community because it is a clean burn and produces an almost instantaneous high.

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