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Suspension of License of Podiatrist Due to Medical Malpractice

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Suspension of License of Podiatrist Due to Medical Malpractice

April 10, 2017


A podiatrist from Passaic County has had his license suspended due to allegations by state licensing authorities that he overprescribed addictive painkillers to a number of his patients. In addition, Anthony Enrico Jr. is confronting accusations that he prescribed powerful drugs for the treatment of insomnia, anxiety and attention-deficit disorder. A license to practice podiatric medicine restricts him to the treatment of feet and lower legs. His license was suspended April 5th, pending a trial in front of an administrative law judge.

Mr. Enrico operated his podiatric practice out of an office located on Broadway in Paterson, and was associated with St. Mary’s General Hospital in Passaic. Prior to the suspension of his license, he was on probation by the State Board of Medical Examiners. Then, the Attorney General’s office discovered claims that he was randomly giving prescriptions of opioids in great amounts and concentrations.

The board subpoenaed the medical records for many of Mr. Enrico’s patients, and learned that he treated them with substantial amounts of addictive opiates. The main opiate that he prescribed for years was oxycodone. He provided such treatments although he was aware of the strong possibility for patients to abuse the drugs or engage in the sale of them to other people. According to the state, narcotics were not the acceptable form of treatment for several of the conditions he was treating, and he neglected to focus on their basic podiatric issues.

It was only following the subpoena of his records that Mr. Enrico consulted the state’s Prescriptions Monitoring Program database to check whether his patients were receiving similar prescriptions. And some of them were. He also gave prescriptions for Xanex, Lunestas, and Ambien, which are medications to treat anti-anxiety and sleep disorders, both of which are beyond the scope of his podiatric practice.

When voting for the temporary suspension, the licensing board expressed that in order to safeguard the public interest, it was necessary to temporarily suspend the license of Mr. Enrico, who had engaged in medical malpractice.

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