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11 Tips for Staying Safe While on Vacation

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11 Tips for Staying Safe While on Vacation

January 4, 2017


When school gets out briefly in the winter or for a longer period of time in the summer, families often look to travel and take vacations. The problem is that vacations can be dangerous. There are unscrupulous people in the world who target travelers and look to steal their money and belongings. In the worst cases, travelers can be victims of extreme violence.

One of the best things you can do while traveling is to be cautious and always remain alert. Know where you are at all times and make sure that you do not get too distracted by the pretty scenery.

Here are a few other tips for staying safe while you are on vacation:

Research Hotels

Do not make a spur-of-the-moment decision when it comes to arranging for a hotel or motel to stay at while on vacation. Do a little research ahead of time and find out which hotels in your travel destination are considered safe.

Get Travel Directions Ahead of Time

You do not want to get lost while on vacation, so get directions ahead of time. This is especially important if you are traveling in a foreign country. The good news is that the Internet makes it very easy to look up detailed routes well in advance of your travels.

Keep Your Wallet In Your Front Pocket

Pickpockets are more likely to target travelers with wallets or money clips in their back pockets.

Avoid Wearing Expensive Jewelry

Muggers will notice shiny rings, bracelets, and necklaces, so consider leaving your jewelry at home when you travel. In fact, you may want to leave any expensive accessories at home if they aren’t going to be needed during your trip.

Don’t Look Like a Tourist

Robbers tend to target tourists, so do your best to avoid looking like a tourist. For instance, use a cell phone to take photographs so you won’t have to carry a camera around your neck. And don’t wear a fanny pack around your waist.

Don’t Be Too Trusting

If a stranger offers to assist you, be careful – especially if money is involved. You do not want to fall for a scam while on vacation.

Don’t Get Drunk

One of the worst things you can do while on vacation in an unfamiliar place is to get drunk. Intoxicated individuals are more likely to sustain injuries in serious accidents or be victims of theft or violence. So keep the drinking of alcohol to a minimum. And if you are drinking, make sure that there is at least one “designated traveler” with you.

Watch Where You Are Going

Slip & fall accidents can occur while you are on vacation because you probably won’t be familiar with your surroundings. So keep an eye on the path in front of you and make sure to walk very carefully.

Drive Carefully

If you rent a car while on vacation, you need to be cautious on the roadways. And make sure that you know how to properly operate the rental vehicle prior to getting on the road.

Purchase Car Rental Insurance

Make sure that you have the proper type of car rental insurance. In the event of an auto accident, you will be glad that you paid a little extra for insurance.

Defend Yourself

Whether it’s a bottle of mace or a loud whistle, make sure that you have some form of protection on you just in case a dangerous situation arises while you are on vacation.


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