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Spectator Sues NASCAR for Injuries Suffered in Auto Accident

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Spectator Sues NASCAR for Injuries Suffered in Auto Accident

July 26, 2016

William Fulton, a NASCAR fan who was seriously injured at an auto racing event in Florida last year, has filed a personal injury lawsuit against both the racing organization and Daytona International Speedway, the track that hosted the race.

Fulton was sitting in the stands at the Florida track and watching the Coke Zero 400 last July when a significant wreck occurred on the track. Austin Dillon, a NASCAR driver, was involved in the car crash and was stuck inside his vehicle as it scaled the fence. Dillon suffered injuries to his tailbone and his forearm in the auto accident.

As a result of the accident, debris flew into the stands. Fulton said that he was struck by the debris in both his head and his shoulder and that he sustained significant physical injuries as a result. According to Fulton, the injuries were so severe that he has not yet fully recovered, despite medical treatment and rehabilitation.

Interestingly, legal documents filed by Fulton with the court do not indicate any specific injuries that he suffered due to the NASCAR accident. The personal injury claim also does not specify a specific amount of damages, or financial compensation, that Fulton is seeking from NASCAR and the racetrack operators.

Although there were reportedly five spectators injured in the NASCAR car crash at the Florida racetrack, Fulton is the first person to file a personal injury lawsuit to get compensated for the costs of his medical treatment and his pain and suffering. One of the other injured spectators reportedly had to go to a local hospital after the NASCAR accident.

Fulton will likely rely on premises liability law in order to hold NASCAR responsible for failing to do enough to protect race spectators against known dangers. However, Fulton will likely have an uphill battle because sports teams and owners are usually able to avoid liability for injuries suffered by spectators and fans at these types of professional sporting events.

If Fulton is successful in his lawsuit, he will likely get damages from both the NASCAR organization and the International Speedway Corporation, which is the parent company of the Daytona International Speedway racetrack.

For more information about this personal injury lawsuit, read the Jalopnik.com article, “Fan Injured in Huge Daytona Wreck Sues NASCAR, Race Track.”


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