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Prosecutors Drop Drug Charges After Police Accused Of Drug Dealing

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Prosecutors Drop Drug Charges After Police Accused Of Drug Dealing

January 31, 2013

Everyone in New Brunswick should know that they have certain rights that police and prosecutors cannot infringe upon. If, for example, someone is subjected to a trial and conviction on less-than-credible evidence or as part of a police conspiracy, he or she should be released and his or her record cleared. In these types of situations, it is vital to work with an experienced drug crime lawyer, so as to prevent a suspect’s rights from being infringed upon in the first place.

Fortunately for 15 people arrested in a bizarre drug conspiracy, not even the prosecutor could find a reason not to drop the very serious drug charges with which they had been charged. It appears that 19 people had been arrested on a variety of drug charges, all of whom had apparently been connected with three police officers; officers that would later become involved in a complicated drug conspiracy of their own.

The three officers are accused of taking marijuana and cocaine during police seizures and using a former police informant to sell the drugs on the street. Investigators were originally directed to the officers after the informant was arrested for having nine ounces of cocaine inside of a storage shed. When investigators spoke with the informant, he told them the police officers had been supplying him with drugs and asking him to sell on their behalf. Investigators later collected additional evidence that implicated the officers in a drug conspiracy.

For years the officers had been involved in undercover drug, prostitution and gang stings.

Even if the officers’ actions had no bearing on these 15 individuals’ criminal cases, it would be highly suspicious if they went to trial and were convicted. Everyone is guaranteed a fair trial and sometimes even the hint of impropriety is enough to make a trial unfair. Because drug crimes come with such serious punishments, it is important that only when police and prosecutors have an overwhelming amount of evidence that a suspect is convicted.

Source: Daily Herald, “Drug charges dropped in cases involving accused Schaumburg cops,” Barbara Vitello, Jan. 29, 2013

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