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Pro Athlete, Wife Face Domestic Assault Charges In New Jersey

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Pro Athlete, Wife Face Domestic Assault Charges In New Jersey

May 9, 2014

At times, romantic relationships can be tumultuous and difficult to navigate. When two people are entangled in a verbal argument, it’s not hard to see how things could escalate. Otherwise calm and collected people could act in the heat of the moment. The unfortunate reality is that domestic violence charges can emerge from this type of situation.

Former Rutgers football standout Ray Rice recently pled not guilty to a charge of third-degree aggravated assault stemming from an incident with his wife, who was his fiancée at the time. Rice’s wife was also charged in relation to the domestic incident.

Rice pled not guilty to the domestic assault charges at the outset of proceedings in New Jersey, in addition to applying for a diversion program. If accepted into this program, the athlete would be able to circumvent formal prosecution in court.

Meanwhile, prosecutors have offered a plea deal in this case. If Rice agrees to the offer, he would plead guilty in order to receive a reduced sentence. Specifically, the deal on the table includes probation and a mandatory anger-management program.

At this time, Rice’s case is hinging on a couple critical items: acceptance into the diversion program and deciding what to do with the plea bargain. Of course, before Rice proceeds with any option, the hope is that he discusses the situation with an attorney. After all, a plea deal would still result in a mark on his criminal record, despite including a lightened sentence.

Rice, who currently plays professional football for the Ravens, could also see ripple effects in his career. No matter what happens in the criminal arena he might be penalized by the NFL, which could tarnish his reputation in the long term. Ultimately, this could tarnish his reputation.

Prosecutors are still pursuing charges despite the fact that Rice and his wife were both charged. Rice’s wife has stood by him through all of this and the couple was even married after the incident in question occurred. The hope is that this case is resolved in the most positive way possible.

Source: ESPN.com, “Ray Rice pleads not guilty in N.J.,” Jamison Hensley, May 1, 2014

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