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Pressing Charges Against Someone You Know

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Pressing Charges Against Someone You Know

October 5, 2017


Pressing charges against someone you know is likely no different than pressing charges against a random person who commits a criminal act, other than the fact that it may feel a bit awkward knowing them. There are some cases, however, where you may not want to press charges against someone you know, as it could potentially ruin a family or friendship, depending on who it is that you’re pressing charges against.

So, when is it a good idea to press charges against someone you know?

This is kind of decision is up to personal discretion, but regardless of how well you know them, if someone has intentionally robbed you, injured you, assaulted you, or has tried to harm you in any other way, you might want to consider pressing charges against them. Again, just be wary of the fact that simple misunderstandings can essentially ruin or damage a family or friendship, depending on how well you know them. But a serious criminal act should not be overlooked.

You decide to press charges, but what next?

Before simply arresting the person that has committed a crime, there must be a determination of probable cause. The police are basically going to come to you and ask you questions, and see what kind of evidence that you have against the criminal. From here, they may be able to determine probable cause. Evidence may be a video, a physical piece of evidence, or statements from the victim or witnesses.

From here, you must be able to prove in the court of law, in front of the Grand Jury, that the person accused actually committed the crime. This means you and your attorney will need to provide more than simple probable cause. After this, it is handled like any other criminal case.

If you feel someone you know has committed a serious criminal act against you and are seeking an attorney for further help, consider Rudnick Law. Our law offices will do everything we can to defend you, and prove the criminal guilty in the court of law. Contact our offices today for a consultation.


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