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PA Corrections Officer Charged with Illegal Handgun Possession in New Jersey

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PA Corrections Officer Charged with Illegal Handgun Possession in New Jersey

February 24, 2016

A sergeant with the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections was reportedly busted with a handgun in his car while driving on a New Jersey roadway. Although the man had a license to own and carry the gun in his home state, he was still arrested because his carry permit did not extend outside Pennsylvania.

The 46-year-old suspect was placed under arrest in the aftermath of a car crash in Glassboro, NJ. The suspect and his wife were injured while they were headed home from a concert in Atlantic City. When Glassboro patrol officers arrived at the scene of the crash, they assisted the injured motorists. While talking to the suspect, police reportedly discovered that he had a 9mm Glock handgun under his car seat. This led to the suspect being detained and charged with illegal handgun possession.

After being arrested and charged with the gun crime, the suspect voiced his displeasure with NJ law enforcement, saying that he is “one of the good guys.” The suspect added that NJ prosecutors are trying to turn him into a criminal – one of the same people he tries to protect society from.

With a court date still scheduled for some time in the future, the suspect is looking to get the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office to dismiss the case. Beyond that, the suspect is reportedly asking NJ Governor Chris Christie to issue a pardon in recognition of the suspect’s job as an employee with the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.

It is very possible that the charges against the suspect will end up being sent to a grand jury for indictment. Although the suspect would potentially have a valid argument for being allowed to carry his weapon under the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act if he could demonstrate that he needed the gun while conducting personal business, the fact that the suspect is a corrections officer means that he does not have powers of arrest – and, therefore, probably cannot say that he “needed” the weapon while driving through New Jersey.

While the weapons offense charges are pending, the suspect has reportedly been suspended from his Pennsylvania prison job.

To learn more about the details of this gun crime case, read the Yahoo.com article, “Corrections Officer Charged with Carrying Gun in New Jersey.”


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