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NJ State Police Lab Tech Accused of Faking Evidence in Drug Case

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NJ State Police Lab Tech Accused of Faking Evidence in Drug Case

March 9, 2016

NJ authorities are extremely concerned about the potential implications of a recent revelation that a New Jersey State Police lab technician faked evidence analysis in a drug case. The end result of this investigation could be that thousands of criminal convictions in courts across New Jersey could wind up being overturned.

Kamalkant Shah was a lab tech for the NJ State Police. He worked at a laboratory located in Little Falls, New Jersey. In December 2015, law enforcement learned that Shah may have been “dry labbing” a substance believed to be marijuana in a marijuana possession case. “Dry labbing” refers to the process of writing test results for a substance without ever actually testing the substance. According to NJ Deputy Public Defender Judy Fallon, that is precisely what Shah did in this instance. “Basically,” said Fallon, Shah was seen “writing ‘test results’ for suspected marijuana that was never tested.”

Several NJ Counties Affected by Shah’s Misconduct

In Passaic County alone, Shah’s analysis of drug evidence could affect 2,100 criminal cases, while Essex County prosecutors handled approximately 2,000 criminal cases that Shah worked on. All of those cases will now be reviewed by investigators, who will re-analyze evidence and then issue entirely new reports about the substances suspected of being illegal drugs.

Other affected counties in New Jersey include Morris County and Bergen County. Prosecutors with the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office and the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office have yet to issue official statements regarding the recent revelations about Shah.

For additional information about this developing situation, see the NJ.com article, “Judge: We May Need to Let Prisoners Out over Lab Tech’s Faked Results.”


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