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NJ Police Plans Operation to Arrest Parents Who Are Allegedly Delinquent on Child Support Payments

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NJ Police Plans Operation to Arrest Parents Who Are Allegedly Delinquent on Child Support Payments

August 18, 2016

NJ law enforcement is planning a major sweep to catch “deadbeat parents” who have failed to pay child support.

So far this year, New Jersey police have already arrested more than 1,200 parents who reportedly owe $25 million in child support and are delinquent on their payments. More arrests could be forthcoming after John Armeno, executive director of the Sheriffs Association of New Jersey, said that NJ police are planning to carry out another raid as the start of the new school year approaches.

According to Armeno, these types of statewide raids typically occur twice a year: just prior to the beginning of the school year and immediately following Christmas and the December holidays. One of the reasons that NJ police conduct the raids around these times is that the children may be in need of clothing or other items as school starts up again in the fall or after the winter break.

Michael F. Strada, the president of the Sheriff’s Association of New Jersey, said that the objective of law enforcement when conducting these sweeps is “to make sure that the children of our state receive the support they are supposed to receive.”

In addition to raids conducted by police at the NJ state level, municipalities also conduct their own raids as local police departments look to crack down on parents who fail to make good on their child support requirements.

The statewide raids have been extremely effective in the past. During a three-day raid conducted in February 2016, New Jersey police managed to arrest 1,221 parents who were delinquent on their child support payments, failed to appear at court-ordered hearings to determine child support, or failed to appear in family court to determine medical support. In addition to serving the 1,221 warrants, NJ sheriff’s officers were also able to collect more than $224K in payments from the suspects.

For additional information, read the Parsippany Patch article, “Another N.J. Statewide Sweep Planned after 1,200 Deadbeat Parents Busted.”


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