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NJ Police Arrest 40 Men in Crackdown on Child Pornography

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NJ Police Arrest 40 Men in Crackdown on Child Pornography

August 25, 2016

New Jersey law enforcement recently arrested 40 men after conducted a major bust on child pornography distribution.

The arrests were made at the conclusion of a lengthy investigation that authorities referred to as “Operation Statewide.” Law enforcement cracked down on the circulation of pornographic images of minors after receiving numerous tips about sex crimes being committed throughout the state. The investigation ended up targeting suspects in every county in New Jersey, with detectives using individual IP addresses to track the suspects. Christopher Porrino, the NJ Attorney General, said that police “made arrests in the remote corners of the state.”

While executing numerous search warrants and arrest warrants, police officers seized computers that allegedly stored thousands of images and videos of minors engaged in illicit sexual acts. Authorities indicated that at least one of the seized computers contained more than 76,000 illegal files.

Remarkably, police officers actually caught one suspect as he was in the act of downloading child porn that he had obtained through a peer-to-peer network over the Internet, according to detectives.

John Pizzuro, the commander of the NJ Regional Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force that led the statewide investigation into the alleged distributors of child pornography, noted that the problem of child pornography being disseminated online is a serious, “pervasive” problem. Pizzuro made the statement during an interview at the task force’s base of operations in Hamilton, New Jersey.

As evidence of the prevalence of sex crimes like child pornography possession and child pornography distribution in New Jersey, one need look no further than the recent statewide bust. A total of 40 suspects were arrested, with all of the suspects being males. Among the suspects are a former school teacher and a current custodian for a school in the Long Branch School District.

Most of the suspects have been charged with possession of child pornography, while many of the suspects also face charges for distribution of child pornography. Depending on the number of files that each suspect distributed, they could potentially be subject to several years behind bars if they are convicted on the most serious criminal charges.

For additional information, access the NJ.com article, “40 People Arrested in Massive N.J. Child Porn Crackdown.”


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