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NJ Law Enforcement Cracks Down on Sex Trafficking

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NJ Law Enforcement Cracks Down on Sex Trafficking

February 9, 2016

Police in New Jersey recently apprehended a number of alleged sex traffickers who were selling off young girls and forcing women to have sex against their wills.

One of the sex trafficking rings busted by police reportedly involved five male suspects from Bergen County and Passaic County in New Jersey. According to law enforcement, the suspects used the Internet to publicize their illegal sex trafficking services. Images of the victims were reportedly posted in online ads on backpage.com. Prosecutors said that the suspects would collect money from older men who paid to have sex with the victims. The prostitution services were allegedly provided at motels located throughout New Jersey.

Another illegal sex trafficking ring busted by police involved four men from Hudson County, NJ. According to New Jersey authorities, the suspects kidnapped several young girls and then sold them as sex slaves. The suspects allegedly used all kinds of violent tactics to control the victims, including holding one victim at gunpoint.

A third sex trafficking ring recently stamped out by law enforcement had ties to Mexico, with the five suspects allegedly transporting young Mexican girls across the border and them forcing them to work as prostitutes in brothels located on the Jersey Shore. The suspects reportedly admitted to the crimes when speaking to investigators.

All of these cases highlight a major problem facing New Jersey law enforcement: sex trafficking operations are getting bolder and putting more young girls at risk, with the perpetrators often using technology to locate their underage victims and to commit Internet sex crimes. Elie Honig, the Director of the NJ Division of Criminal Justice, said that the girls in many of these sex trafficking cases are victims of “modern slavery.”

In recent years, NJ police and prosecutors have been armed with some additional ammunition in the fight against sex slavery. Just three years ago, the New Jersey Human Trafficking Prevention, Protection, and Treatment Act was signed into law by Governor Chris Christie. Since then, NJ prosecutors have been able to seek stiffer penalties in human trafficking cases.

For additional information about how NJ police are cracking down on sex trafficking, view the NJ.com article, “Police Targeting Sex Traffickers to Stem ‘Modern Slavery’ in N.J.”


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