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NJ Amusement Park Rides Pose Serious Injury Risks

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NJ Amusement Park Rides Pose Serious Injury Risks

May 11, 2016

New Jersey amusement parks are sites of significant personal injuries, especially during the summertime. The problem is not limited to New Jersey, of course. A recent incident in Texas highlighted the safety issues that are present at many amusement parks throughout the United States.

Delbert Latham was with his son, Kaysen, on a family trip to the Wonderland Amusement Park, which is located in Amarillo, Texas. Kaysen wanted to ride the Mousetrap roller coaster, so Delbert indulged him and agreed to go on the fast-moving and popular amusement park attraction.

Just before the ride started, Delbert attempted to latch his son’s seat belt; however, the belt fell apart when Delbert tried to tighten the band, leaving his son completely exposed to fall-related injuries once the ride began. Sure enough, as soon as the ride encountered its first significant “drop,” Kaysen went flying to the bottom of the cart. Delbert was only able to protect his son by forcefully holding onto him for the rest of the ride.

Remarkably, video captured the entire incident. Delbert had started to record Kaysen on his cell phone and then didn’t turn off the video once the ride began and his attention was understandably focused on protecting his son. The video was later posted online and soon went viral, generating millions of views.

After the dangerous amusement park incident, the family informed a ride operator of the accident. The operator reportedly told the family that this sort of thing “happened sometimes.” The family was particularly upset that the ride was not immediately shut down. Later, an investigation revealed that the same roller coaster resulted in significant injuries to four people in 2014.

For additional information, read the Yahoo.com article, “Dad Grabs Son after Seat Belt Malfunctions Mid-Ride on Texas Roller Coaster.”


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