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New Jersey Pharmacy Tech Faces Drug Charges For Stealing and Selling Prescription Meds

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New Jersey Pharmacy Tech Faces Drug Charges For Stealing and Selling Prescription Meds

June 8, 2012

Over the last few years the illicit sale of prescription drugs such as painkillers has increased across the country. Recently, a New Jersey man was arrested for allegedly stealing prescription drugs and selling the pills to purchase marijuana. The 21-year-old man now faces related drug charges.

According to the Bayonne Police, the 21-year-old pharmacy technician admitted to stealing over 2,000 prescription pills over the course of six months. The pharmacy tech allegedly sold the prescriptions pills and used the money gathered from the sale of the prescription drugs to purchase marijuana.

The investigation of the 21-year-old began when the head pharmacist of the store the technician worked for reported to police that 2,119 Oxycontin pills were missing from the pharmacy’s inventory. The head pharmacist informed police that he suspected the technician, and the police setup surveillance thereafter.

As a result of the surveillance, police observed the 21-year-old technician traveling back and forth from the pharmacy to his car multiple times a day. When police made their arrest of the technician, he was carrying 20 Oxycontin pills and 17 Xanax pills. A search of the technician’s car revealed additional prescription drugs and marijuana.

Police estimate the value of the prescription drugs stolen has a street value of $62,000 and that the technician used the head pharmacist’s information to log into the store’s computer system in an attempt to cover his trail.

The technician faces multiple drug charges including theft of a controlled dangerous substance, possession of CDS Oxycontin, possession of CDS Xanax, possession of CDS with intent to distribute, and possession of marijuana under 50 grams.

In drug cases, it is essential that police follow laws related to search and seizure. A criminal defense attorney can help a defendant battle a wrongful arrest or a wrongly executed search.

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