Motorcycle and Deer Collide in Serious Accident

Most accidents where a deer is involved that you hear about are with a car, but a recent accident involved a motorcycle. In the very early hours of the morning on Friday, a deer ran out into the roadway right in front of a passing motorcycle. The driver and passenger were both thrown from the motorcycle. This deer collision caused them both to be seriously injured. They are both currently in critical condition at the hospital at the time of the report. The deer died at the scene.

The couple was both wearing helmets when the motorcycle crashed, but as the nature of the motorcycle doesn’t allow for seat belts, they were thrown with the collision. The pair had to be taken to the hospital using a helicopter. The crash is being investigated by the local police department to determine if there were any other factors involved in the crash.

Wildlife entering the roadways can make conditions dangerous for all drivers. Deer accidents, even when they involve cars, can result in fatalities. Drivers are advised to keep watch for the sight of two glowing eyes along the roadway when driving at night, but sometimes, it’s impossible to see the deer before they dart out into the road.

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