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Monmouth County Fugitive Arrested Multiple Times Before Being Arraigned

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Monmouth County Fugitive Arrested Multiple Times Before Being Arraigned

October 19, 2017


Wanted for a series of burglaries in Monmouth County, a 62-year-old-man, that was a fugitive on the run, has been captured and is finally in police custody. The Long Brach man, along with a 55-year-old woman, was charged with eight burglaries and attempted break-ins in connection with a rash of criminal activity that started Christmas 2016 until the Super Bowl aired in January.

The couple was initially arrested in February, where they were booked, summoned, and then released. Their quick departure was a result of the new guidelines for bail in New Jersey. The couple was arrested again shortly after this release for jewelry fencing. The jewelry was taken from one of the homes during one of their burglaries by the couple.

Again, the couple was processed, summoned, and released. As required by the new law, they were to check in with the court but failed to do so. The two left town. A warrant was issued for their arrest following their failure to show for their court hearing on May 15.

Only a short 12 days later, the man was picked up for drinking alcohol out of an open container in Maryland. He wasn’t arrested at the time but needed to go to court for the charge. When the man arrived at court on July 6, he was arrested for his outstanding New Jersey warrant.

The man is expected to be arraigned on Aug 7 for his burglary charges. The woman is still on the run and police are looking for her.

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