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Man Not ‘In His Right Mind’ Acquitted In Murder Trial

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Man Not ‘In His Right Mind’ Acquitted In Murder Trial

March 12, 2015

Reading about violent crimes including murder can make any person upset and saddened. However, the people living through these devastating events and have even been accused of being a part of a homicide can feel destroyed. Not only is something in this situation facing serious criminal penalties, but he or she can also be struggling with enormous grief related to the death.

This is often the case when someone is accused of killing someone close to them like a family member, friend or spouse. If you are in this situation, you must understand that your legal defense still needs to be a top priority, even though you are typically overwhelmed by the situation. One man, who was accused of killing his son, was recently found not guilty at his trial and can now try to rebuild his life after the devastating incident.

Reports indicate that the man killed his 4-year-old son by suffocating him and apparently tried to attack his other two children as well. Many people assumed it was an open-and-shut case. But one thing that every person accused of a crime must remember is that people are innocent until proven guilty.

In this situation, prosecutors tried to paint the man as a distraught, fearful and desperate man weighed down by growing financial stresses who consciously believed that killing his children would alleviate his anxiety.

However, the defense had a different story to tell. It was argued that while the man was indeed under some financial pressure, it led to him sleepwalking. During one of these sleepwalking incidences, he evidently suffocated his child. The defense maintained that the father was not aware of what he was doing and the prosecution could not prove otherwise.

A jury found the man not guilty on all counts and he has been released from custody.

Being successful at trial is a crucial victory for people in similar situations. It can protect a person’s reputation, freedom and future, but it cannot erase the devastating events that have taken place. In this case, the father is likely shattered by the death of his son, but at least now he won’t have to grieve from inside a prison.

Source: Time Warner Cable News, “Jury Finds Mitchell Not Guilty of First Degree Murder,” March 11, 2015

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