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Man High on Flakka Accused of Attacking Couple, Eating Victim’s Face

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Man High on Flakka Accused of Attacking Couple, Eating Victim’s Face

September 1, 2016

A frightening incident involving a drug-addicted college student allegedly attacking two people in Florida recently made national headlines after it was revealed that the suspect was high on flakka.

According to law enforcement in Florida, the 19-year-old suspect got high on the designer drug and then violent attacked a couple. Afterwards, the suspect reportedly tried to eat the face of the male victim.

Police officers reportedly struggled to prevent the suspect from biting large pieces of flesh off the face of the victim. At one point, Florida police had to use a stun gun and police dogs in order to subdue the suspect.

The suspect is a college sophomore at Florida State University. It is believed by authorities that he had taken flakka, bath salts, and other synthetic drugs prior to the violent incident. If it is confirmed that the suspect was high on flakka at the time of the attack, it could prompt a national debate about the potentially catastrophic consequences for users of the synthetic drug.

Flakka is a drug with a powerful stimulant that is popular throughout the United States, particularly in the Southeast region. In fact, the stimulant contained in flakka can reportedly cause “excited delirium,” a condition resulting in paranoia and higher body temperatures. Michael Litterer, deputy director of a New Jersey nonprofit organization that assists drug prevention programs throughout the state, said that users of flakka can often suffer from “frightening hallucinations” that could lead them to commit violent acts.

Flakka Use in New Jersey

Flakka has gained popularity in recent years as a cheap alternative to other, more expensive drugs like heroin and cocaine. For instance, flakka can typically be obtained on the street at a cost of just three dollars per dose.

According to drug prevention experts like Litterer, flakka has begun to proliferate throughout New Jersey. Although the drug is not yet commonly used by NJ drug addicts, this could change in the future as more and more people seek out flakka and other alternatives to prescription medication.

For more information, view the NJ.com article, “What Is Flakka? The ‘Zombie Drug’ That Causes Terrifying Hallucinations.”


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