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Man Freed After Almost 10 Years In Jail For False Rape Charge

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Man Freed After Almost 10 Years In Jail For False Rape Charge

February 13, 2014

When someone is convicted of a crime in Holmdel, most people believe him or her to have committed the crime, despite statistics which show that a certain number of people will be wrongfully convicted of a crime every year. The more serious the charge, the more likely people will be to believe the conviction, as not many people want to stand up for someone convicted of sexual assault, battery or homicide. This puts individuals who have been wrongfully convicted of these crimes in a very difficult situation: trying to convince people of their innocence who don’t want to be convinced.

Fortunately for an out-of-state man, he has finally been set free after spending nearly 10 years in prison for a rape he did not commit. His conviction wasn’t even a case of mistaken identity, but because the woman who accused him did so to get attention.

The man was freed in November 2012 after it came to light that the woman made other unproven claims of rape. He was granted a new trial, but the prosecutor asked that the case be dismissed in the interest of justice. Though it was certainly the right thing to do, it also came 10 years too late.

This woman is now facing her own criminal charges after she recently made another set of false rape allegations against a pair of men. She told police that two men raped her in her home and she had the cuts and bruises to prove it. When she went to the hospital, however, it was discovered that the bruises were applied with makeup and that the cuts were self-inflicted. Moreover, the woman has previously lied about having cancer, collecting hospice care and money from a church fundraiser.

Source: Battle Creek Enquirer, “False rape claims ‘diabolical,’ judge says,” Beth LeBlanc, Jan. 17, 2014

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