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Major Health Concerns about Recent Frozen Food Recall Tied to Listeria Outbreak

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Major Health Concerns about Recent Frozen Food Recall Tied to Listeria Outbreak

May 27, 2016

US health officials are increasingly worried about a Listeria outbreak, necessitating a massive recall of frozen foods items. CRF Frozen Foods, a major distributor of frozen food products in North America, is recalling frozen meals that include as ingredients fruits and vegetables traced to a food processing plant in Washington.
Consumer Health Placed in Jeopardy by Contaminated Products

A CRF spokesperson highlighted the major health concerns over the Listeria outbreak, stating that Listeriosis is “a serious infection” that presents a particular risk to elderly people, pregnant women and anyone who has a weakened immune system that makes it harder for their body to fight the infection.

The health scare has gotten so bad that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has gotten involved. Matthew Wise, leader of the CDC outbreak response team, recently said that the massive number of products involved in the food product recall “reflects the severity of listeria as an illness,” as well as “the long duration of illnesses and the outbreak.”

The Size of the Frozen Food Product Recall

The food product recall constitutes one of the largest such recalls in years, affecting hundreds of different food items distributed by CRF Frozen Foods. Moreover, many of these products are sold under popular brand names and distributed by Costco, Safeway, Target, Trader Joe’s and other major food retailers in the U.S. In some cases, CRF Frozen Food products were repackaged for distribution at grocery stores like Kroger and Piggly Wiggly.

The recall began in April 2016 as a voluntary recall initiated by CRF Frozen Foods. CRF learned that its packagers may have failed to protect against Listeria contamination in a food processing plant, causing a risk of poisoning for anyone consuming the company’s fruit and vegetable products.

Another Frozen Food Recall over Fear of Listeria Outbreak

Another major recall was recently issued by retailers and regional distributors. That recall involved food products from Ajinomoto Windsor, a manufacturer and supplier of Asian frozen food items that are distributed in Canada and Mexico. Some of these frozen food products reportedly contain vegetables manufactured by CRF Frozen Foods. According to the CDC, approximately 47 million pounds of potentially contaminated vegetables have been recalled.

To learn more about the most recent CRF product recall, check out the Yahoo.com article, “Frozen Food Recall Covers Hundreds of Items from Many Stores.”


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